X2F Appoints New Technology Director as Transformative Plastics Molding Process Enters Expansion Phase

LOVELAND, Colorado – () – X2F, the transformative plastics processing technology developer, today announced the appointment of key technical staff as the company accelerates its commercialization in the medical, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics sectors.

X2F has named Ken Jacob, a plastics industry veteran and leading technology expert, as Director of Technology. The appointment was announced today by Rick Fitzpatrick, X2F Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

“We’re excited to have someone of Ken’s caliber with solid technical experience and leadership skills,” said Fitzpatrick. “He will be an invaluable part of our team and help us manage and direct our technical resources through an exciting period of growth.”

Jacob brings more than 25 years of experience in product development, machine design, engineering and hot runner systems. Most recently he was Global Manager Master Solutions at Mold-Masters Ltd. with responsibility for engineering groups in North America, Europe, India and Asia. He has held numerous leadership positions at Mold-Masters and has led many multi-million dollar projects.

“I look forward to helping the team respond to the demand for X2F’s unique processing technology and further develop our technical capabilities as we offer unique and differentiating advantages over any other molding process,” said Jacob.

The new shaping technology from X2F enables the production of complex product designs from previously “non-malleable” materials. The controlled viscosity process drastically reduces the material degradation and the molded-in stresses inherent in today’s conventional injection molding technologies. The result: more complex, stronger, and more durable parts with improved performance. X2F’s proprietary process also offers faster development from prototyping to production scale, the molding of ultra-high performance materials, and numerous operational benefits.

X2F uses the technology in applications that include optics, overmolded electronics, and high-fill engineering resins. For optical applications such as mobile phone lenses, the process produces parts with reduced birefringence and anisotropic shrinkage. In automotive lighting applications, the X2F process can create complex geometries, thicker lenses, and larger shapes. For encapsulated electronics applications, the X2F process enables fewer production steps, drastically improved yields, shorter cycle times and new materials with advanced properties. For highly filled resins such as polyetheretherketone (PEEK), the process allows for increased glass or carbon fiber loads that provide dramatically improved strength and stiffness.

The company has made nearly three million commercial parts for the medical, industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. The hiring of Jacob will accelerate X2F’s growth trajectory and allow the team to continue serving customer needs across a range of applications.

About X2F

X2F, based in Loveland, Colorado, markets a new category of injection molding technology that uses controlled viscosity and a patented pulse packing approach to produce high quality components for a variety of industries. X2F’s process uses advanced materials previously thought impossible and is capable of achieving complex product geometries with improved operational efficiency. The technology creates completely new paradigms in product design, tool making and material science for molded parts.

The first target applications include polymer-based optics with improved properties, the overmolding of sensitive electronics and circuits, and highly filled engineering resins. The company is financially supported by Atlas Innovate with senior advisors including former CEOs of General Motors and Dow Chemical. For more information, visit www.x2f.com.

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