Undefined Nordic Trend – Lövepac Technology Releases RÖtt KRÖN Series Minimalist Bluetooth Headphones

STOCKHOLM – () – Lövepac Technology, a well-known manufacturer, announced that its Bluetooth headphone brand RÖtt KRÖN will soon launch products in the Bang series. It is inspired by the horn hats of the Vikings in Northern Europe 1,300 years ago. It simplifies the complicated manufacturing process with innovative modern technology and is made of polycrystalline zirconium gemstones, a homologous luxury material rarely used in headphones. The polycrystalline structure and nanoscale particles ensure perfect sound quality, extremely skin-friendly and wear-resistant. The long lasting shine and changing colors have become the daily fashion choices of consumers around the world.

The unique design of the Bang series detachable earphone chain is both functional and decorative, breaking the mold and creating a new wave of bluetooth wireless earbuds. In addition, the brand is committed to using only natural materials and biodegradable plastics in all of its products by 2022, with a focus on sustainability in every detail.


RÖtt KRÖN is the avant-garde headphone brand from Lövepac, Sweden. It integrates Nordic minimalism into the groundbreaking design concept and evolves into a unique and eye-catching work. Through the innovative colors, the unique design and the craftsmanship, it delivers the brand DNA of “born different, cross-border”, without blindly following the changing trends, discovering uniqueness and expressing the true self. With multiculturalism, the brand has created a new way to wear technology and art fashion.

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