Training and Technology Team Up for Safety

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This year, more than ever, we have been reminded of the importance of material handling in successfully moving products down the global supply chain. As the industry has fewer and fewer workers due to increased demand, it is imperative to create environments in which operators want to work. Prioritizing employee training and reinforcing it with intelligent storage solutions is the key to creating a safe work environment that employees look forward to.

Raymond is committed to helping our customers nurture their culture of safety and continuous improvement by optimizing data, people and processes while maximizing efficiency.

Training to achieve a safety culture

Training is essential to achieve a safety culture. New advances in education, such as e-learning and virtual reality classes, have not only revolutionized the efficiency of warehouse operations, but also play a critical role in improving safety.

Raymond offers industry-leading solutions to help your business create a safer, more productive work environment:

  • The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator, the only VR simulator on the market that can be connected directly to a forklift truck, supports the coaching of forklift truck drivers and helps them to reach a higher level of performance more efficiently. The simulator is a supplementary teaching aid to Raymonds Safety on the move® Operator training program that enables future operators to simulate forklift operation in a realistic environment before actually stepping onto the warehouse floor.
  • Raymonds Safety on the move is a comprehensive, modular online training program that introduces warehouse environment best practices to protect employees, equipment and materials while meeting OSHA requirements.
  • The Raymond Steps to Safety: Pedestrian protection The training program helps pedestrians teach responsible behavior in forklift operations and emphasizes the importance of operators and pedestrians working together to create a safe environment.

These comprehensive programs are often available with hybrid classroom training and e-learning options.

Intelligent storage solutions

Advanced technology solutions that connect people and devices can guide decisions about the best process and operational improvements for your operation. Telematics solutions are a great starting point for material handling operations that want to uncover hidden issues like warehouse congestion that might otherwise not be visible. For example:

  • Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE® can help customers better manage fleets of all sizes – across multiple locations – by providing real-time data on forklift operator activities, productivity, and other optimization options, including identifying and avoiding potential problems.
  • Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) monitor and identify the movements of forklifts, personnel and systems in the warehouse. With accurate (+/- 3 feet) geofencing, zoning and tracking functions, RTLS strengthens the training and optimizes your processes. With Raymond’s RTLS tool, Raymond vehicles can be stopped in a controlled manner when a zone violation is detected.

The use of networked technologies such as telematics and RTL to collect data is an important step in improving the efficiency of a company.

Commitment to continuous improvement

Creating a safety culture is an ongoing process. It requires commitment and continuous improvement, as well as a willingness to train and retrain forklift drivers and pedestrians alike. To create a productive work environment, all employees must be inspired to take responsibility for supporting and maintaining a safety culture.

Safety on the move®, Steps to Safety and Raymond® are US trademarks of Raymond Corporation.

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