Speakeasy AI Receives USPTO Technology Patent for “Speech To Intent”

Speakeasy AI, award-winning provider of conversational AI solutions for omnichannel self-service and live agent support, today announced that it has granted patent number 11,011,160 for its speech-to-intent system. This system was invented by co-founder and CTO Moshe Villaizan Reyes. The patent was officially granted by the USPTO on May 18, 2021.

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This innovative new technological process is helping to enable the next generation of automated speech recognition by using a process that is not all based on transcription. The end result is a transformative solution to understand both customers and agents in their natural speaking voices while understanding contextual elements from previous cross-channel interactions, a brand’s products and offerings, and machine learning improvements influenced by customers and calls Center agent interactions.

Some specific advantages resulting from the concepts described in this patent include:

1. Since understanding is more important than just the transcription itself, the success rate of automated conversations is much higher than with standard systems.
2. The exchange of context within conversations is simple and natural and enables a free-flowing conversation experience without being locked into linear decision trees.
3. A fully conversational experience that can adapt and adapt to the user and user behavior is the real promise of conversational AI.

Speakeasy AI’s contact center AI technology and its patented speech-to-intent solution enable authentic omnichannel conversation experiences that reduce friction for both customers and agents and enable companies to protect from first contact to resolution and generate income.

“We’ve been waiting for Conversational AI to fulfill the use cases of the contact center’s dreams,” said Co-Founder, CTO, and Patent Holder Moshe Villaizan Reyes. The industry will never be the same. “

After securing the first patent, the company plans to continue expanding its portfolio to transform the voice recognition and conversational AI industry with a task-oriented focus to change the game in contact center AI.

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