Spacetalk Launches Fall Detection Technology for Seniors


  • Fall detection introduced on all Spacetalk LIFE smartphone watches for seniors

  • Activated automatically via a free over-the-air upgrade

  • Breakthrough new technology with real-time data recording and triangulation, artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning; The high accuracy is continuously improved in real time as more and more people use the devices

  • World first for devices for seniors and people with special needs

SYDNEY, the 10th of June, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Spacetalk Ltd. (ASX: SPA) (“Spacetalk” or “Company”), developer of innovative technologies that ensure the safety and connection of families, is pleased to announce the release of case detection on all Spacetalk LIFE smartphones for Seniors via a free watch Over-the-air upgrade.

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Fall detection is a major improvement on Spacetalk LIFE, which integrates breakthrough technology and greatly expands its use case and marketability as an aid.

Falls are the second leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths worldwide. The people most at risk include adults aged 65 and over, who are most of those who suffer serious falls. Falls are Australia the largest contributor to hospital injuries and a leading cause of injury deaths. In 2017-18, 42% of hospital injuries (222,725 hospital admissions; 898 per 100,000 population) and 40% of injury deaths (5,156 deaths; 20.8 per 100,000 population) were due to falls.[1] Falls can happen to anyone, anywhere, but falls that require hospitalization are more common in the elderly, with more than 1 in 3 elderly Australians falling each year.

58% of hospital admissions due to accidents (28,926 hospital admissions; 3,347 per 100,000 population) and 95% of fatal falls (4,873 deaths; 126.5 per 100,000 population) involved 65+ year olds.[2]

This is how the technology works

Accurate fall detection is a complex process that involves not only real-time analysis of the wearer’s movement data, but also the real-time application of that data to the individual’s individual anthropometric, medical and other critical personal information.

Spacetalk’s onboarding process collects the wearer’s fall-related data, including age, height, weight, gender, fall history, medication, mental health, dizziness, and other information. This is stored securely and anonymously on the device and on Spacetalk’s servers and is used to calculate the wearer’s fall risk profile and the initial sensitivity setting of the device sensor.

Spacetalk LIFE devices have built-in intelligent acceleration and gyroscope sensors that continuously record data on the user’s movements, speed and altitude and forward them to Spacetalk servers.

In real time, this data is triangulated with anthropometric, medical, and other critical personal information of the wearer to determine whether the wearer’s current movement should be interpreted as a fall and, if so, activate the fall detection alarm process. The wearer has 30 seconds to abort the warning process if it is OK or if the algorithms have calculated a false fall alarm. All information and data is used in real time to continuously learn and improve the accuracy of the entire fall detection technology. Updated device firmware and sensor settings are sent to the device as over-the-air updates to automatically improve the technology.

Wearing experience

Once a fall is detected, the device will vibrate, sound an alarm and display an alarm on the watch face for 30 seconds. During this time the wearer can cancel the alarm. If the alarm is not canceled, it sends an SMS to all emergency contacts with the location of the wearer and calls each emergency contact in turn. If none of the contacts respond, emergency services (000) or 24/7 third-party emergency responders will be contacted. After successfully contacting emergency services, the watch will display a confirmation message to the wearer for 10 seconds to reassure them, and then switch to displaying the emergency medical ID function to display relevant medical and other critical details of the user.

Spacetalk LIFE’s fall detection technology incorporates breakthrough technology and is a groundbreaking global first in devices specifically designed for the elderly and people with special needs.

In developing the technology, the company has worked closely with geriatric / home care, NDIS and 24/7 emergency service providers to ensure that their systems can digitally receive the relevant information and the wearer’s location in the event of a fall or emergency.

Predictive analytics

Spacetalk LIFE’s new real-time data acquisition, AI and machine learning technology advances lay the foundation for its future potential behavior monitoring capabilities to predict the increasing risk of an impending fall or other illness.

This technology is breaking new ground and is a step and a world first for devices designed for seniors and people with special needs.

Spacetalk founder and CEO Mark Fortunatov said: “The design, development and introduction of these groundbreaking features underscores the uniqueness of Spacetalk among smartphone watch manufacturers and especially in the niche of building special devices for children and seniors … IP, technology and ecosystem. We own the device design, circuitry, IP, firmware, apps and servers. And of course we own the brand. This tightly integrated and seamless internal approach means we have full control to develop amazing new features that really make us stand out, it offers real competitive advantage and gives us the flexibility to develop new business models wherever for example the responsible sharing of data for the benefit of users (engagement, health, safety, etc.) with their consent becomes the core value proposition. “

Medical ID

Included in the fall detection version, Spacetalk LIFE now has a life-saving Medical ID function that provides emergency services and healthcare professionals with medical, allergy and other vital personal information of the wearer to inform the treatment progress when seconds count.

After an SOS or fall detection operation is completed, the watch pulses a bright red display to warn emergency services and alert them to press a button to display the wearer’s medical ID.

A simple onboarding process was developed, including one VIDEO which makes it easy to activate these new features.

Spacetalk LIFE smartphone devices

First launched June 2020 As an all-in-one smartphone watch with GPS for elderly Australians, Spacetalk LIFE has the potential to help the journey of aging – improving independence, healthy living, social connectivity and safety while providing safety and peace of mind to family and friends at the same time – met with great interest from geriatric nurses, NDIS providers, and occupational therapists (“OTs”).

Other LIFE features include SOS alarm, GPS locator, 4G phone, water (shower) proof, medication and other reminders, pedometer, wearer’s medical history information for emergency responders, and a carer family app for easy Communication and improved interactions at the discretion of the wearer.

LIFE in retail at a price of $ 399, approx. 40% less than other currently available devices with fewer functions and requires pairing with the Spacetalk app for 1 $ 7.99 monthly fee and a 4G SIM. The total cost of the device and the first 12 months of the app fee can be borne by government funding to eligible persons.

Spacetalk founder and CEO Mark Fortunatov said: “We have just added tremendous value to our Spacetalk LIFE device and platform. Falls in the elderly are one of the most important public health problems in today’s aging society. Together with the NDIS provider accreditation, which we announced earlier this week, there is an opportunity for our company in the senior category that has just made a big step forward.

Using real-time AI and machine learning, Spacetalk now has arguably the most advanced and accurate wearable fall detection technology on the market.

I am very proud of our team that developed and built this groundbreaking wearable technology. It will have a real and positive impact on the safety and life of the wearer. “

About Spacetalk Ltd.

Spacetalk Ltd. (ASX: SPA) is a global technology provider of secure communications solutions to help families stay connected and protected.

The range of all-in-one smartphone GPS watches from Spacetalk for children (Spacetalk Kids and Spacetalk Adventurer) and seniors (Spacetalk LIFE) has been specially developed with bespoke functions, design qualities and proven data encryption, security and data protection technologies so that Families can confidently stay connected. Fun, stylish, safe, and technologically advanced, Spacetalk devices offer confidence for children and older wearers, improved controls for the guardian, and fun features for the whole family to stay connected.

The Spacetalk app is designed to provide a family environment for fun, engaging, and safe media use that goes beyond device control functions for the parent or guardian. Every linked contact – parents, grandparents, extended family members and friends – regardless of whether they are Android or iOS users, can interact with linked Spacetalk devices and with each other via the Spacetalk app.

Spacetalk was founded in 2001 and listed on the ASX as MGM Wireless Limited in 2003 Australia most successful school news company. On November 12, 2020 The company changed its name to Spacetalk Ltd.

To learn more about Spacetalk’s smartphone GPS watches and app platform and the company, visit: Investor Center:

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