Russia only country which is ready to transfer anti-Covid vaccine technology: Putin : The Tribune India

Saint Petersburg (Russia), June 5th

As Indian companies prepare to manufacture the Russian-made anti-Covid vaccine Sputnik V to meet the huge demand in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Russia is the only country in the world ready to Transferring technology and expanding production overseas and found the vaccine was sold in 66 countries.

The Russian President’s remarks came a day after New Delhi officials announced that the Serum Institute of India had received preliminary approval from the country’s Medicines Agency to manufacture Sputnik V. As early as April 2021, the Indian pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories received the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Russian vaccine. Panacea Biotec has also started production of the Sputnik-V vaccine in India in cooperation with the Russian sovereign wealth fund RDIF.

The Russian President denied allegations about the effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine, saying during a virtual interaction with senior editors of major international news outlets including the Press Trust of India, Associated Press and Reuters that the delay in registering the vaccine in Europe was due to a “competitive battle” and “commercial interests” there.

With China being blamed for the Covid pandemic by some countries, particularly the US, Putin said that too much had been said on the issue and stressed that the crisis should not be “politicized”.

He responded to a question about the cause of the Covid pandemic.

Last week, US President Joe Biden announced that he had ordered further intelligence investigations into the origins of Covid-19 because the coronavirus originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, with former US President Donald Trump fined that Asian country called for the “death and destruction” it has caused.

“Too much has already been said on this subject, so it seems pointless to me to comment on it any further. I don’t think I can say anything new or fascinating, ”Putin said of a translator.

Putin stated that there was competition against Sputnik V and said, “We sell our vaccine in 66 countries, it’s a huge market for us. I’m pretty sure the allegations are for commercial reasons, but we are pursuing humanitarian grounds. “

He continued: “It is recognized by international experts, the vaccine is efficient, its effectiveness is 97.6 percent. We are the only country in the world that is ready to transfer technology and expand our production abroad. “

Putin also expressed hope that the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic would lead countries to lift politically motivated restrictions on one another. PTI

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