Pentagon says UFOs are not secret American technology

MYSTERY WIRE – The New York Times reports on the contents of an upcoming Pentagon investigation into the UFO mystery. The Times says the report to Congress will leave the question of whether some UFOs are alien spaceships.

The New York Times’ initial headline was “Government Can’t Find Evidence Of UFOs Are Alien Spaceships” before changing to “US Can’t Find Evidence Of Alien Technology In Flying Objects Or Rule It Out”.

A more precise heading could have been: “Pentagon Says We Don’t Know What UFOs Are” or even “Pentagon Says UFOs Are Not Secret American Technology”.

The Times questioned two unnamed officials who saw a classified report that has not yet been made available to Congress. You told the Times the report analyzed more than 120 UFO incidents over the past 13 years.

Much of the evidence was previously compiled in a briefing document prepared by the UAP Task Force, a report that contains startling images of ships believed to be real unknowns. Some images and videos from this report have already been published by Mystery Wire and the filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

This includes photos taken by US Navy pilots off the east coast and videos taken by the Navy off the west coast.

The photos from the east coast are from March 2019 and show three objects now known as the acorn, the sphere and the metallic airship.

The west coast photos and videos are from July 2019 and show pyramid-shaped objects over the USS Russell, a sphere disappearing into the ocean not far from the USS Omaha, and a radar showing several unidentified objects around the USS Omaha.

Two other incidents that were evaluated by the UAP Task Force are the so-called gimbal UFO event off the coast of Florida in 2015 and the Tic Tac incident off Southern California in 2004.

The Times says the unpublished report leaves the question of whether the amazing technology could belong to a foreign opponent. David taste, the pilot who first watched the Tic Tac, shared his opinion on 2019 Mystery Wire. “If you’d asked me in 2004, I didn’t know,” said Fravor. “My thing is that it’s now almost 15 years later and this technology is still there. Nobody found out, or nobody saw it. You can hide things. You can hide things for a long time. But hiding things for 15 years is, I think it’s getting harder and harder. “

If the Times story is correct then the upcoming UFO report will be amazingly similar to an assessment known as the Twining Memo, written by an American general in 1947, which basically said these things were real, but we don’t know who they belong to.

The biggest news in the Times history is that the report will essentially rule out the possibility that secret American military technology was responsible for the most notable UFO incidents.

Senator Harry Reid (MANDEL NGAN / AFP via Getty Images)

Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who co-sponsored the previous UAP Task Force AATIP program, has been saying all along that the Russians and Chinese are investigating the UFO mystery.

Lue Elizondo, who served as the head of the AATIP UFO investigation for ten years, says the technology seen by US pilots surpasses anything known on Earth. He told Mystery Wire that the US, Russia and China are all in the same boat.

Luis Elizondo
Luis Elizondo

“We may be dealing with something we really don’t understand,” said Elizondo in a Interview in May 2021 with Mystery Wire. “Because if we have the same problem as Russia and other countries, then this is probably an issue that is of common interest and concern not only to the United States. In fact, it would paint a picture that this is not a US phenomenon at all, but rather a global phenomenon. “

The EAP report will be presented to Congress by June 25ththe. What we don’t yet know is what access the UAP Task Force had to secret files and materials hidden in dark corners of the Pentagon or the CIA.

Column Johannes Alexander (retired)

After 70 years of secrecy, did the Task Force break this veil of secrecy in 6 months? Retired Intelligence Officer Col. John Alexander doubts it. “I think there are two problems, the most serious pushback, you won’t see, that’s going to happen behind the curtain if you will. When I say “the hell we’re not going” you know I won’t provide the data. “

The biggest difference between the upcoming UFO report and previous Pentagon statements is that the military no longer rejects UFOs or tries to dismiss them as swamp gas or weather balloons.

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