Origami Risk Offers Free Healthcare Risk Technology Buyers Guide

CHICAGO–() – Origami Risk, the industry-leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company for risk, security, and insurance, has developed a free, comprehensive guide for healthcare executives to assess risk management information systems (RMIS).

“A healthcare RMIS should help promote processes, communication and transparency in all areas and functions within an organization,” said Bill Schwacke, Healthcare Practice Lead at Origami Risk. “From risk management, to patient safety and quality, to employee health and safety, a healthcare RMIS will help bring up-to-date information and data to the right people at the right time.

“Today’s integrated RMIS for healthcare unifies data from across the enterprise, enabling better collaboration, efficiency, faster and better decision-making, and improved performance,” he added.

In addition to listing the many challenges that the latest generation of RMIS in healthcare is designed to address, the 13-page guide discusses several important considerations for healthcare executives when assessing RMIS skills and functions. They include:

  • Determining whether a system is easily configurable to meet the diverse needs and requirements of a healthcare facility;

  • Assess whether it can be integrated with other existing health information systems;

  • Assess its scalability to meet the evolving needs or requirements of a healthcare facility;

  • Careful review of the security of both the system and the provider to ensure compliance with HIPAA and protect against vulnerabilities;

  • Review how quickly individuals can bring themselves up to date with the data tools and analytical resources relevant to their area of ​​responsibility; and

  • Assessment of the quality of the training and support services provided by the provider.

For a free copy of the Origami Guide, Choosing an RMIS for Health Organizations, visit: https://www.origamirisk.com/resources/ebook/selecting-rmis-healthcare-organizations.

About origami risk

Origami Risk is a leading provider of integrated SaaS solutions for the risk, security and insurance industries – from corporations and public institutions to brokers and risk advisors, insurers, claims administrators (TPAs) and risk pools. Highly configurable and fully scalable, Origami Risk offers a full suite of risk management tools and core insurance system solutions from a secure, cloud-based platform accessible via a web browser and mobile app. Visit origamirisk.com or contact Origami at info@origamirisk.com.

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