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In a recurring performance, the city of Montgomery received a Smart 50 award for using algorithms and artificial intelligence to accelerate construction progress

US Ignite and Smart Cities Connect this week named the city of Montgomery, Alabama, the winner of the Smart 50 Awards 2021. The award consolidates Montgomery’s status as a world leader in technology and innovation. It is the second year in a row that the city has won the award.

The award is the result of the city’s partnership with civil technology company RoadBotics, which helped Montgomery implement an artificial intelligence (AI) system that assesses road construction needs more efficiently and quickly. For local residents, however, it means new roads and smoother journeys at a fraction of the cost and time of previous infrastructure projects.

“We’re working smarter by using technology and innovation to improve service, increase efficiency, and ensure a fairer approach to improving infrastructure across our community,” said Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed. “Through our partnership with RoadBotics, the city has optimized our entire road construction operation. It’s a program that aligns with our goal of reinventing solutions to longstanding challenges and improving the quality of life in the Montgomery neighborhoods. “

The city of Montgomery will join other award-winning high-tech hubs including Hong Kong, Austin, Chattanooga, Philadelphia and Montreal in October at an awards ceremony and symposium in National Harbor, MD. During the conference, executives will share case studies of their work in delivering “the most influential and groundbreaking global smart city projects launched in the past year,” the organizers said.

The city of Montgomery has adopted RoadBotics’ AI-based, cutting-edge program to more efficiently assess and address paving priorities. Since then, it has provided a much broader analysis of Montgomery’s infrastructure needs at a fraction of the time and cost it took in previous years. Along with the freeing up of human resources, the program identifies road problems that are invisible to the human eye and errors that could later lead to larger problems. This proactive approach should result in greater savings for taxpayers and longer roads.

visit for the list of winning cities and projects.

For more information on these and other City of Montgomery Smart City initiatives, visit www.montgomeryal.goV.

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