Last week, PV magazine held its second virtual Roundtables Europe event. In total, more than 1,500 participants from all over the world listened as our expert speakers discuss a number of important solar topics from the areas of quality, asset management, sustainability and innovation.

Next to our Live broadcast and Photo gallery, the team also recorded all of the presentations and panel discussions so you can follow the conversations that were being held. First is the Cornerstones for Maintaining PV Quality, moderated by PV magazine Editor-in-chief Jonathan Gifford and event manager Frederike Egerer.

Round table video content

  • 4:49 minutes: Frédéric Dross, VP of Strategic Development, Senergy Technical Services (STS) – Technical risks of large-scale PV modules
  • 16:59 minutes: Jay Lin, Chief Consultant, PV Guider – Risk of Cell Rupture in Large Format PV Modules
  • 26 minutes: George Touloupas, Director of Technology & Quality, Clean Energy Associates (CEA) – Quality aspects of large-format PV modules
  • 37:32 minutes: Stefan Roest, co-founder, CTO, Eternalsun Spire – measurement challenges of large-format PV modules
  • 42:16 minutes: Panel discussion – ensuring the quality of large-format modules, challenges in system integration with panel participants: Hongbin Fang, Director of Product Marketing, LONGi Solar; Cormac Gilligan, Associate Director – Clean Technology & Renewables, IHS Markit; Simon Meijer, Founder and CEO, CoolBack Company BV; and Josep Tienda, Vice President, Sales EMEA, Shoals Technologies.
  • 1:14:55 minutes: Presentation – Insights into the Inverter series of Generation X from Growatt and the 5-level quality system from Robert van Keulen, Technical Director, Growatt
  • 1:28:06 minutes: Case study – Unplugged: When unusual cable solutions spoil PV magazine Editor in Chief Jonathan Gifford
  • 1:33:38 minutes: Panel discussion – Do not transfer, manage: Managing risks in the course of technological change with panel participants: Frédéric Dross VP of Strategic Development, STS; Ragna Schmidt-Haupt, partner, Everoze; and Andrea Viaro, Head of Sales EMEA Alternative Energies, Stäubli Electrical Connectors
  • 1:58:08 minutes: Presentation – Holistic Quality: New Importance of Supply Chains and ESG with Lindsey Wiedmann, Chief Legal Officer, Maxeon Solar Technologies

PV Quality Concerns

One of the most important developments in the PV market in 2021 is the emergence and use of large format and high performance modules. Outputs of 400, 500 and even 600 Wp and beyond change the concept of power plant construction. However, in the face of rapid change, concerns have been expressed about the longevity of high performance modules and their susceptibility to a range of failure modes.

Quality issues include crystalline defects in larger wafers, cell cutting processes and spaces that can lead to cracks, an increase in defects as a result of cell currents, lamination defects due to process changes, and the alignment of multi-busbars. Materials such as glass, EVA and other potting materials were also taken into account.

Methods for effective risk management were also discussed, including the number of actors involved in risk diversification. Ways to effectively determine the roles of banks, insurance companies, EPCs, manufacturers and investors were also discussed.

Many Thanks!

In addition to our participants and experts, we would also like to thank our sponsors who have contributed to making this event (virtually) a reality! Watch out for the remaining three Roundtables Europe videos in the coming days.

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