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Corematic Engineering recently introduced KITT technology to producers in the region.

Corematic Engineering recently presented its automated navigation system to regional producers with the innovation to save time and energy in everyday but important tasks such as mowing.

Scott Hansen, a mechatronics technician and corematic director who grew up at Bundaberg, said the KITT technology is an automated navigation system that can be attached to a mower so that the machine would do the job for the farmer.

“The idea is to automate agricultural machinery to simplify people or put them in more useful roles where they can bring the real value,” he said.

“Mowing is a great example of this.

“It’s a pretty common task that needs to be done on any type of farm.”

Scott said the ability to remove the person from the mower’s seat was a great way to streamline business.

And he said the technology isn’t just limited to mowers.

“Ultimately, because it’s tractor-mounted, it can do any type of tractor-mounted job,” said Scott.

“So we’re aiming for spraying now, we’re looking at canopy management, and we’re looking forward to canopy monitoring too.

“Because the machine has so many sensors, as it moves through the field, it can actually start monitoring the condition of your trees and everything around them to help you predict problems and problems, and ideally those Optimizing the way you are in agriculture. “

Corematic technology
KITT technology from Corematic Engineering.

Scott said automation technology had already been introduced in America and Europe for large-scale operations, but was little available for fruit growing.

“And more importantly, you have to buy the entire machine so that the cost often becomes prohibitive for people,” he said.

“That’s the benefit we see with our kit, it’s quite inexpensive and means you don’t have to take a possibly brand new tractor out of service.

“The system can be installed on a brand new tractor to optimize its operation.”

About Corematic

Corematic Engineering offers tailor-made solutions in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision technology and machine learning.

The team is also the brain behind a Next generation macadamia nut harvester That will improve the skills and efficiency of the entire industry.

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