HRS Crisis Management Solution Delivers Turnkey Technology and Safe Hotel Options for Corporations, First Responders and Governments

Cologne, Germany–() –HRS, the leading corporate accommodation platform, uses its skills to support businesses, governments and healthcare workers faced with emergency situations due to pandemics, natural disasters and other causes. With automation as the basis and supported by the company’s world-famous Clean & Safe Protocol, HRS can quickly procure hotels anywhere within a few hours of signing the contract and set up user-friendly online booking access.

The random nature of COVID outbreaks and new strains flaring up in different countries and cities shows the need for quick, proven solutions to help people find safe hotels. Given the resource challenges many communities face in disaster situations, Crisis management solution from HRSS provides a superior option for urgent, high volume accommodations. The combination of new technology, on-site hotel relationships, secure payment, and unmatched speed in delivering localized solutions is ideal for the diverse needs of individuals, families, professionals, and isolation scenarios.

Proven technology with rapid deployment – already in use on several continents

The end-to-end platform from HRS was provided with timely results at several locations:

  • During the 2020 Australian bushfires, HRS supported families and officials with accommodation solutions in hotels in 158 locations that accounted for more than 24,000 overnight stays.

  • As the The coronavirus pandemic began to affect California, state travel officials hired HRS to manage a flash hotel procurement exercise for 21 districts and at least 18,000 overnight stays for the health service and other emergency services. After a four-week turnaround, the program was up and running. As COVID-19 progressed in the largest state in the US, HRS ‘platform and services scaled rapidly, supporting more than 2.5 million room nights in every district of the state over the past year. The highlights of the initiative include:

    • Average savings per room night between 25 and 40 percent;

    • 98.5 percent billing accuracy, including level 3 data, speeds reimbursement activities;

    • the substantial elimination of fraud through guarantees in processing procedures and

    • 100 percent cooperation between the participating hotels.

  • HRS also supports pandemic-related scenarios in Europe and India, and works with cruise lines and local governments in several countries to accommodate emergency medical teams, displaced persons and families and other professionals. HRS has also made it easier to accommodate vaccination teams.

Centralized virtual payment solution relieves hotel guests

Organizations can use The touchless payment function from HRS Streamline the financial component of the cost of extended hotel stays. Using best practice virtual practices and secure APIs with credit card providers and financial institutions, the process automates reconciliation and reimbursement processes while eliminating potential for fraud. Hotels benefit from on-time payment and incremental occupancy, while guests don’t have to worry about the high costs associated with extended hotel stays.

The crisis management solution from HRS is based on the company’s innovative Clean & Safe Protocol. Less than a year after its launch in June 2020, the protocol has been taken over by more than 65,000 hotels in 192 countries. These properties have increased their sanitary standards in response to COVID-19, including for extended periods of time often required in emergencies.

Organizations can Find out more about this innovative solution on the HRS website, or you can send an email to a member of the HRS Crisis Management team at

“It was gratifying to see that our shelter expertise and technology are helping people affected by the pandemic and other crisis situations,” said HRS CEO Tobias Ragge. “A result of the past 18 months is irrefutable proof of the role technology can play in accelerating solutions that support communities and aid agencies in emergency situations. We have now optimized our crisis management solution to work around the world, helping businesses, governments, insurance companies and other parties address the shelter-related challenges posed by emergency situations. ”

About HRS

With its proprietary technology and expertise, HRS is revolutionizing globally managed accommodation programs for companies, hotels and business travelers. The company is committed to delivering safety, savings, safety, satisfaction and sustainable hotel options for its global customer list. Use its uniqueness Lodging as a service platform, HRS oversees the entire corporate hotel program for its customers, from initial procurement and installment protection to booking, virtual payment and expense management. With more than 65,000 hotels joining The Clean & Safe protocol from HRS in 2020 and the recently launched Green Stay Initiative, the company is providing re-prioritized information on key decision-making factors that will affect travel after the pandemic. The company’s data-driven solutions offer savings and performance for companies in all hotel categories, including transit, meeting and long-term stay scenarios – while digitizing processes on the hotel side for a better travel experience. Founded in 1972, HRS now works with 35 percent of the world’s of capital 500 as well as the world’s leading hotel chains, regional hospitality groups and independent hotels. More information at

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