HR Technology news week of June 21

From tips for a hybrid workforce plan to employee opinions on automation and technology for the future of work, here’s what you might have missed.

8 key factors to consider when creating your new hybrid workplace plan: Hybrid work was one of the big themes of the ongoing Big Reset Executive Working Groups at Josh Bersin Academy. And we see that developing an effective, safe, and productive approach to hybrid work requires planning and work across the enterprise. Work planning, management processes, systems and tools, performance policy and much more must be taken into account. Read more from expert Josh Bersin here.

Women in HR Tech Summit Chair Jeanne Achille

Is HR Technology Key To Resolving Women’s Workforce Crisis ?: Hard. Catastrophic. Over. These are just a few examples of how Jeanne Achille describes the impact of the pandemic on the labor force participation of women. The unprecedented changes were the driving force behind the program of this year’s Women in HR Tech Summit, which will take place on the first day of next year HR Technology Conference & Exposition®. Continue reading.

HR Tech Conference 2021: Outlook on “finally back to our lives”: I hope by now you have heard the news that the HR technology conference and exhibition® returns to a live format this fall, September 28th-October. 1 in Las Vegas. For many of us, this will be our first in-person business event since at least March 2020. I vividly remember the last industry event I personally attended: the Ultimate Software Connections event in Las Vegas this month. Read more from conference leader Steve Boese here.

7 steps HR must take to improve cybersecurity: Countless organizations were made taken by surprise by recent cyber attacks like phishing and ransomware. And now, as cybersecurity threats become more widely known, the US is planning to give ransomware hacks a priority similar to terrorism, according to the Justice Department. So what should employers do? HR and IT leaders need to work together to foster a culture of cybersecurity, says Entrust CHRO Beth Klehr. Continue reading.

Why “diverse talents and great ideas” are the key to the personnel strategy of this company: Jeff Schmitz has embarked on an unusual path into HR – and he says he prepared him well to take the role through the Developments happen today. Schmitz was named CHRO in November at Zebra Technologies – a manufacturer of marking, tracking and computer printing technologies with approximately 7,400 employees. Continue reading.

HR Tech Number of the Day: Employee Opinions on Automation: A new report finds that employees feel like they are wasting their work time – a lot of work time – on non-automated tasks and are crying out for more efficient work technology. Continue reading.

How technology will be crucial in the new “future of work”: The pandemic has greatly accelerated the step into the future of work – and now future-oriented HR leaders need to focus on staying one step ahead. This is a big task, says the author and futurologist Ravin Jesuthasan, but one that is necessary if the HR department wants to use the potential of digitization. Read more here from the keynote speaker at the HR Tech Conference.

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