GoMeyra Named Technology Partner for KSL Biomedical, Inc.

LAS VEGAS–() – GoMeyra, an innovative cloud software company that helps medical laboratories process samples faster and more accurately, announced today that it is technology partner of KSL Biomedical, Inc., developers of novel companion diagnostic and therapeutic applications for immunology and oncology , becomes. with its clinical laboratory subsidiary KSL Diagnostics, Inc. (www.ksldx.com). With the partnership, GoMeyra becomes a consultant for KSL companies, advises on urgent technology requirements and brings its digital vision to life.

The partnership will:

  • Provide access to the newly released GoMeyra SCAN and GoMeyra PASS technologies to make KSL Diagnostics’ rapid COVID-19 tests, used at its various mobile test sites and large events, including film production companies, faster and more customizable.

  • Integrate GoMeyra LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) with KSL’s laboratory infrastructure to create an environment that enables growth.

  • Allow GoMeyra to provide KSL Viral Transport Media (VTM) kits that will save time and money to its nationwide network of laboratory partners.

“KSL had a year of transformation. As we ramped up our laboratory operations to better assist with COVID-19 testing during the pandemic, our need for technology has grown dramatically, requiring a more flexible and redesigned system to handle the changes and additions, ”said Kevin J. Lawson , President and CEO of KSL Biomedical, Inc.

“This is where GoMeyra comes in. Our partnership gives KSL the technology they need to continue to grow and develop with a bespoke software system that is tailored to their specific and unique needs and will adapt well into the future, ”said GoMeyra Founder and CEO Executive Officer, Jaswant S. Tony.

As a technology consultant, GoMeyra offers solutions for scheduling, inventory management, raw sample management and optimized registration, results reporting with QR and barcodes and more. “One of the best things about GoMeyra’s system is the digitization of information that enables the creation of a hub through which all of our laboratory traffic is routed. This centralization of activities makes it faster and easier for laboratory managers to keep track of key data points for all of our laboratories in a single dashboard and provides the ability to optimize the workflow in real time throughout the diagnostic cycle, which is necessary for our growing business. “Added Lawson.

GoMeyra was designed to be adaptable and to provide laboratories with an innovative technology solution geared towards customer needs. As the industry continues to move towards precision medicine and constantly changing requirements, laboratories benefit from a technology partner who understands the unique challenges. “With GoMeyra as a technology advisor, KSL can better respond to technological advances as they arise, which in turn gives it a competitive advantage: an important asset for any growing business,” added Tony.

About GoMeyra

GoMeyra is an innovative cloud software company dedicated to delivering enterprise technology solutions to medical laboratories. Its first product, GoMeyra LIMS, is a comprehensive, fully customizable, cloud-based laboratory information management system that can be taken on board at unprecedented speed – in just two days. World-class scientists, laboratory informatics experts, enterprise-level software engineers, and technology architects draw from decades of experience developing GoMeyra with proprietary features that help laboratories operate with as much automation, contactless processes and legal compliance as possible.

GoMeyra LIMS alleviates bottlenecks and increases the efficiency challenges associated with laboratory workflows. The system includes innovative functions such as employer orientation GoMeyra SCAN App – a custom portal that allows administrators to scan a staff or student’s QR code or badge to validate test results, vaccinations, and approve return to work or school; a connected laboratory-to-laboratory network for overflow tests, reference samples and correlation; Front-end LIMS integration with electronic health records (EHR) digital scanning to monitor and record the travel of each specimen in real time; flexible batch scalability that coordinates instrumentation with sample volume and laboratories performing pooled tests; integrated inventory management; and much more.

For more information, visit www.GoMeyra.com or follow @gomeyra Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Youtube. E-mail info@GoMeyra.com or call (844) 203-3960 for a GoMeyra LIMS demonstration.

About KSL

KSL Biomedical Inc. was founded to use translational medicine pipelines to deliver innovative diagnostics and therapeutics. KSL invests in the development of novel technologies to improve patient outcomes, especially in cases where early diagnosis or companion diagnostics is required to enable effective therapy.

KSL has established a US-licensed clinical laboratory from the New York State Department of Health / CLIA, KSL Diagnostics, Inc. The rapidly growing test menu includes leading assays based on KSL IP as well as standard-of-care diagnostics supported by a world-class clinical Advice is supported and customer service. Find out more: www.ksldx.com

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