GoFor and Speebly Partner to Increase Driver Safety with Voice Assist Technology

TORONTO – () –GoFor industries, North America’s premier marketplace for last-mile, on-demand and same-day delivery and logistics, today announced a partnership with. known Speebly, a leading provider of voice assistant technology to increase driver safety by providing drivers with voice assistance through the GoFor Driver App. The voice-activated feature will be available to all GoFor drivers in the US and Canada so they can speak commands into their mobile device. The voice-assist technology will reduce the need for touch controls and focus delivery drivers on fast, efficient and safe deliveries.

“Our drivers and their safety are a top priority at GoFor, especially as we continue to expand our markets and get more delivery vehicles on the road,” said Brad Rollo, CEO of GoFor. “By integrating Speebly technology into our mobile app, our goal is to provide our GoFor drivers with the best tools to help them do their jobs safely. Now our drivers can offer customers the same reliable service, with a reduced risk of driving distractions and the added benefit of being able to get to their destination faster thanks to the hands-free function. ”

Driver Voice Assist is a voice-activated feature that allows the driver to speak commands to their phone to ensure data point requests are made with light touch and prevent the driver from taking their hands off the steering wheel and looking at the road. The voice agent offers seven recognized phrases, such as pick-up and drop-off addresses, contact information and delivery description.

“We’re excited to bring GoFor drivers the speech recognition technology that is a safer alternative to touch controls,” said Eric Sauvé, Speebly’s chief of product and user experience. “With Voice Assist, drivers are less distracted, while voice prompts enable the delivery status to be confirmed quickly, give end customers a better view of the delivery window and shorten the lead time for drivers.”

The integrated tool, developed by Ontario-based language technology provider Speebly, is available in both the iOS and Android versions of the GoFor Driver App. The Driver Voice Assist function will be available for download to all GoFor delivery drivers on June 3rd.

For more information on GoFor, see www.gofordelivers.com.

About GoFor

“Have it delivered now” – that’s it GoFor promise. GoFor delivers every package, whether small or large and bulky, within three hours on site. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the company helps North American businesses of all sizes get their products into customer hands faster, and works with some of the biggest names in the retail, construction, and supply chain industries. Small businesses can use the outsourced truck fleets and web-based planning solutions from GoFor. Large companies can add and scale their own existing fleets and connect to GoFor’s logistics platform. The result is an efficient, affordable delivery service for today’s “I want it now” online customer. For more information on GoFor, see www.gofordelivers.com. To learn more about the latest GoFor announcements, visit www.gofordelivers.com/news.

About Speebly

Speebly is a voice technology company with a focus on mobile apps, smart speakers and smart watches. Speebly enables end users to communicate with their devices in a natural and familiar way, helping businesses deliver safer and more accessible experiences to their customers. Learn more at www.speebly.com.

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