EDF Announces Advisory Council to Tackle Large-Scale Marine Technology Solutions

(WASHINGTON – June 2, 2021) Today, the Environmental Defense Fund announced that it has established a high-level advisory board comprised of leading experts from multiple countries who are focusing their attention on accelerating technological advances towards better marine conservation, ecosystem health and sustainable marine fisheries.

The Oceans Technology Solutions Advisory Council is the first of its kind to redesign technologies that can be developed, deployed and scaled to achieve a triple bottom line to address some of our oceans’ most pressing environmental challenges.

The members of the OTS Advisory Board are:

· Esteban Donoso – National Deputy Director, Sernapesca, Chile

· Miguel Jorge – Former senior fisheries specialist, World Bank

· Michele Kuruc – Vice President, Oceans Policy, World Wildlife Fund USA

· Emilie Litsinger – Senior Director, Indonesia and Philippines, EDF

· Miyahara time – Former President, Fisheries Research Agency of Japan

· Dennis Moran – President, Fishermen’s Finest

· Mark Schrope – Director, Schmidt Marine Technology Partners

· Shah Same – Founder, Conservify

· John Virdin – Director, Ocean and Coastal Policy Program, Duke Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

The OTS Advisory Board will work with EDF and its partners on the role of technology in fisheries management, food security, livelihood, conservation and the effects of climate change on our oceans. The group’s findings will help inform global policy, strategic investments and the role of civil society in using technology to solve problems, especially in historically disadvantaged communities – those most exposed to environmental damage, economic inequality and climate change to have.

“We are very excited about the establishment of the OTS Advisory Board, knowing that its members will make a significant contribution to the global understanding of how we can harness the benefits of technological advances for better marine health, food security and economic well-being. said Christopher Cusack, associate director of EDF’s Oceans Technology Solutions team.

First, the Advisory Board will focus on solving large, difficult challenges, such as how low-cost technology can help stimulate small fisheries to rebuild overfished stocks without effective regulation and enforcement. “Ultimately, if a new technology is to be successful, people have to understand its benefits and begin to adopt them,” said Dr. John Virdin, member of the OTS Advisory Council.

To create a basis for the work of the Council, EDF today has a comprehensive one Landscape analysis the application of new and emerging technologies for sustainable fisheries. The report describes a number of transformative technologies and their application to the water for compliance monitoring, stock productivity, and oceanographic observation to understand climate-related changes in marine health.

“Technology is only getting better and there are already many bright minds in other industries who have developed and built the technology needed for fishing,” said Shah Selbe, an expert in developing ready-to-use conservation technologies and a member of the OTS Advisory Board. “It’s just about connecting them and creating the funding mechanisms so that the systems are properly implemented, resulting in a positive user experience that can be scaled.”

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