CP Technologies opens HQ and manufacturing facility in Prescott

CP technologies, a designer and manufacturer of standard and custom rugged computer hardware, today announced the opening of the newly constructed CP North American Headquarters at 2620 Deep Well Ranch Road in Prescott, Arizona at a ribbon cutting ceremony. The 50,000 square meter facility houses the CP North America family of brands, including CP Technologies, CP Aeronautics and CP Systems.

The schedule of events includes personal comments from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey; Prescott’s Mayor Greg Mengarelli; Chairman of Rafael, Dr. Uzi Landau; Co-owner of Aeronautics Group Avichay Stolero; Moshe Elazar, President and CEO of Aeronautics Group; and Mike McCormack, President and CEO of CP Technologies. Interviews possible on request.

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“CP Technologies represents another exciting high-tech company moving its headquarters from California to Arizona,” said Governor Ducey. “This move puts CP Technologies at the heart of Arizona’s growing technology and manufacturing sectors. We are grateful for your investment in Prescott and look forward to your continued expansion. “

To further strengthen CP Technologies’ commitment to first-class customer service and innovation and to support the company’s continued growth, construction of the new two-story site began in June 2020 with the space necessary to achieve the goal in the next three Years to bring 200 additional employees to the area.

“We are proud to be part of the great technology and business world here in Arizona and appreciate all of the support we have received,” said McCormack. “The opening of this plant is an important milestone for the CP brand and offers the necessary expansion of our capabilities as a manufacturer in order to serve our customers worldwide.”

Since the takeover by the Israeli Aeronautics Ltd. In 2018, CP Technologies expanded its range of robust, high-performance computer platforms, data links and LCD displays for the military, industrial and commercial markets. These now include solutions from CP Aeronautics, an industry group focused on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions, and CP Systems, which specialize in systems for commercial and industrial markets, including support with contract manufacturing. CP North America’s customers benefit from the intellectual property and systems integration capabilities of all three family brands.

“CP Technologies is a company where manufacturing excellence, technology and innovation thrive,” said Mayor Mengarelli. “Prescott is the best choice for their new headquarters based on a number of factors including lower cost of living and access to talent.”

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