Blume Global becomes the first carbon neutral supply chain technology provider

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA., June 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Flower Global, a leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions, supported by the largest globally networked multimodal logistics network, is now climate neutral.

In order to achieve CO2 neutrality, Blume has a partnership with South Pole, a leading provider of climate solutions and CO2 project developer, to analyze Blume’s CO2 footprint and offset 1,805 tonnes of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Blume offset these emissions by investing in a solar roof project in New Delhi and a forest protection project in Kariba, Zimbabwe.

The projects offset Blume’s carbon footprint, but that’s just the beginning. Blume and South Pole have developed a greenhouse gas emission reduction plan that includes direct and indirect emissions from sources Blume owns or controls, as well as emissions related to corporate activities such as travel, commuting and waste disposal. The plan is reviewed annually.

With its climate neutrality, Blume Global is not only setting a good example. The company is working to be part of the sustainability discussion in the supply chain at any logistics company, helping stakeholders make better, greener choices when considering freight transportation options and showing them how to use technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain can use.

To further reduce emissions, Blume customers are turning to domestic transshipment and road turning solutions, which reduce the number of empty kilometers in the supply chain by coordinating container movements in order to minimize empty relocation or to coordinate the requirements for outward and return transports . These solutions reduce empty kilometers by 20 to 30 percent and eliminate significant carbon dioxide emissions.

“Removing CO2 emissions from the supply chain requires orchestration across multiple companies and departments, which is extremely difficult,” said Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global. “We are working to empower the entire supply chain ecosystem – from the smallest transport company to the largest shipper – to avoid waste and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. By becoming climate neutral ourselves, we are setting a good example and showing stakeholders in the global supply chain the importance of creating a more environmentally friendly and cleaner logistics industry. ”

About Blume Global

The supply chain technology provider Blume Global removed $ 1 trillion of waste from the global supply chain and make logistics processes more agile, reliable and sustainable with innovative execution and transparency solutions. Blume has the densest network of any logistics technology provider. The company’s direct connection to sea, air, rail, parcel, LTL and truck load carriers combined with Blum’s solutions and 26 years of industry data to maximize transportation expenses, improve customer service and reduce CO2 emissions for the Reduce users. These solutions are backed by a sizeable research and development organization that is constantly adding new high quality features. By developing technologies that streamline the logistics world, Blume Global is leading the industry in creating Sustainability solutions for the supply chain, Combating climate change by eliminating significant carbon emissions in a world where most goods are transported using fossil fuels.

About south pole

South Pole, recognized by the World Economic Forum as a social enterprise, has been at the forefront of decarbonization since 2006. With its global platform Climate Solutions, South Pole develops and implements comprehensive strategies that transform climate protection into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organizations around the world.

South Pole is also a leading developer, having funded nearly 1,000 projects in over 50 countries to reduce more than a gigatonne of CO2 emissions and provide social benefits to less privileged communities particularly vulnerable to climate change.

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