Amazon’s Pay-by-Palm Technology Is Now Available In DC-Area Stores

Your new credit card: the human palm. Photo by Flickr user Mark Ramsay.

Alexa knows your voice. And now if you’re shopping at an Amazon branded store in the DC area, the palm of your hand can read too. Amazon’s pay-by-palm technology, originally launched in Seattle last year, is now available in New York and the greater Washington area.

Synchronized Amazon One, The payment system allows customers to use their hands instead of credit cards, which gives a new meaning to the term palm oil. The technology is currently available at the Bethesda Amazon Books location, with plans to expand to Amazon 4-Star in the Montgomery Mall and Amazon Books in Georgetown.

To to register For the payment system, users insert their credit cards into a payment device. The system runs a palm over the reader and begins to log a “palm signature” based on the customer’s individual hand. It’s like visiting a high-tech palm reader – if the palm reader were a trillion dollar company, the one space-bound billionaire. After the initial registration process, the biometric data is stored in the cloud and all you have to pay for on earth is a wave of your hand. Amazon is exploring a future where contactless service goes beyond retail and is taken over by security systems in the workplace or stadiums like Nats Park.

Amazon Ones’ push into Bethesda and soon to Georgetown is another push for the DC-space tech company that got the name Crystal city National landing HQ2 in 2018. The retail giant just opened an Amazon Fresh store in Franconia last month, with another grocery concept on the way on 14th Street. Washington Business Journal Reports Other Amazon grocery store locations are also on H Street and Gaithersburg.

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