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Yeah you heard me right The heading of this review is not just a clickbait, it is actually correct. Despite the privacy debate, I’m a fan of smart home devices simply because they make my everyday life easier. Trust me, if you’re a working parent trying to navigate the many monotonous but compelling chores of everyday life, you may forget which app is tracking what as long as you book a cab, make an appointment, track a purchase, and order or even entertain your toddler while trying to get a workout to achieve this lockdown goal. You can tuck this under unpopular opinion.

And the new Amazon Echo Show 10 can do all of that. Although the price is high, it helps me get through the day, entertains my son, and even helps me meet my daily calorie consumption goal.

It’s time to meet the latest Amazon Echo smart speaker, the Echo Show 10, which is priced at a staggering 24,999 rupees. So the question is, is it worth it?

I say yes because if you’re building a smart home and relying on technology to make your life easier, it’s an investment.


Say hello to the largest model in the product family. This one is heavy and proud of itself because it has an intelligent display and a loudspeaker. Why do i say hard? Because you need to mount it in a tidy place to house its three-driver system, which acts as the backbone but also delivers booming sound.

And here’s the party trick, the motion sensor allows the screen to rotate in the direction of the voice command. So if you are giving out commands from another corner of the kitchen to follow the recipe of a recent cooking experiment, the screen will follow you and a helpful Alexa will tell you what to do.

The third generation smart display has a brilliant screen with 1,280 x 800 pixels and a separate loudspeaker attached to the rear. And if you don’t have enough room to rotate the huge display, just turn off the motion sensor using the downward swipe tab at the top. Remember that this heavy body must be plugged into a power source at all times. I would not let children pick it up as it has to fall from nimble hands. If you put it on a countertop, remove any decorative items as this bad boy needs some space to move around. If you have privacy concerns, you can turn off the camera using the buttons above.


I loved watching content on the Echo Show 10’s display. Only those who have extremely high-end televisions will disagree. The sound quality and the viewing experience leave little room for complaints. Alexa’s expertise just gets better with every upgrade and she knows what you want and therein lies the mystery of voice assistants and their indelible footprint in our lives. Use the drop-in function to make your home really smart.

Great for kids

Are we still not advocating screen time for kids when online classes have become a staple of our lives, even for kids three and over? As I always say, these gadgets are built for kids and are intuitive at best. My son knows what to play, when to play, how to play. I really enjoyed teaching him some basics from across the room with a simple “Alexa, tell us about the planets in the solar system!” Just make sure your child is not too close to the screen because we need to be careful and creative.

Pro tips

Try using the Toy Doctor skill on Alexa. Children’s skills are more creative, fun to indulge in, and more interesting for different age groups. If you have other smart devices, plug in your smart light bulbs and air purifiers and regulate your electricity bill.

How did I use Echo Show 10?

I can spoil you all with fancy specs, technical jargon, and even some panting features in one review. Let’s break through the noise and talk about how you would use an expensive smart display like this in your daily life.

Exercise: Because of the compact space it takes up, you can put it in any corner. The sound and display will make you want to do those extra burpees, pushups, or squats, depending on which punishment you prefer.

Cook up a storm: For chefs, this is a best friend. Alexa follows your visual and audio cues and shows you what to do so that you can become a master chef yourself.

Bedtime for children: Say goodnight and the Echo Show 10 transforms from an overzealous co-worker into a comforting best friend. Colors and lights are dimmed, lullabies played, and it’s time to end the night.

Should you buy it?

We have been here before. We were being wooed with a smart display and speaker in one. But as someone who sees their son marveling at technology every day, I was thrilled when Alexa followed him as he jumped to Wheels on the Bus and I got a breath. At almost Rs 25,000, it’s an investment. Lockdowns taught us that technology can not only make our lives easier, but keep us busy too. So go for this smart display and speaker if you have the budget. Be prepared for Alexa to follow you.

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