Agtech: Gallagher buys virtual fencing technology pioneer

Electric fence and animal management equipment company Gallagher has acquired virtual fence technology pioneer Agersens under an agreement that will enable Gallagher to further improve the solution and accelerate commercial expansion in Australian and international livestock markets.

Gallagher first began investing in Agersen’s eShepherd technology in 2016.

Agersens, founded by Ian Reilly, designed and developed the eShepherd platform, which enables ranchers to control the location and movement of cattle using a web application and a smart, solar-powered neck strap connected to the internet via a base station . Animal movement is controlled by audible and electrical stimuli. Tests, including a fully subscribed beta testing program, show the technology is proving effective in rotating grazing and protecting riparian zones.

At the helm of Agersens for the past two years has been Jason Chaffey, who said Agersens and Gallagher share a common vision for agricultural automation, expanding into global markets, and working with the industry to provide tools that enable data-driven decision-making facilitate.

“Gallagher’s long and respected history in the livestock industry, its international reach and vision, not just for virtual fences but also for promoting more efficient, productive and sustainable pastoralism, means it is ideally positioned to provide a strong foundation for the future Creating growth from eShepherd. “Said Mr. Chaffey in a statement.

“Agersens and Gallagher will work closely to maximize synergies and drive the commercialization of eShepherd, a technology that we believe will fundamentally transform the way livestock is raised,” he said.

eShepherd performed well on test sites in Australia and New Zealand and the Gallagher acquisition would accelerate the growth and development of the product to provide access to the technology for producers in multiple markets.

Gallagher CEO Kahl Betham said Gallagher has been a technology leader in agribusiness for more than 80 years.

“This acquisition solidifies our commitment to investing in new ways of farming that provide customers with smarter, simpler solutions that make farming life easier and more profitable,” he said.

The acquisition will be completed by June 21st. After that, the Agersens team, currently around 35 people, will move to Gallagher under the overall direction of Gallagher’s global general manager for animal management, Lisbeth Jacobs.

Gallagher is a family business headquartered in New Zealand and employs more than 1000 people. Gallagher is a global leader in animal husbandry, safety and fuels. It exports to 160 countries and was founded in 1938.

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