Weber-Morgan Health Department gets creative with its vaccine clinics, COVID-19 Vaccines in Utah

At the height of the pandemic is the Weber-Morgan Health Department Distributed about 2,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine daily. Well that’s reduced to around 2,000 doses a week, but the health department is getting creative to get it out to the community.

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The health department regularly holds mass vaccination clinics. For several months now, Weber State University’s Dee Events Center has housed the largest regular clinics of the Department of Health.

However, fewer people have appeared in the mass clinics since May. However, health officials said that doesn’t mean the vaccine isn’t still needed. Skyler Pyle, Weber-Morgan Department of Health Director Emergency Services, added, “Perhaps there are community partners or individuals who cannot make it to the mass clinic for various reasons. Whether that’s their choice or people have two jobs. People don’t have time and that’s inconvenient to a certain extent. “

To make the vaccine more accessible, the health department is now offering 30 doses a day from its Ogden office. Interested parties can make an appointment by calling 801-399-7250.

Using data from the mass hospitals, the department is also setting up mobile clinics in neighborhoods that may have lower vaccination rates. These clinics don’t vaccinate the large number of people that the mass hospitals do, but Pyle says every dose is worth it.

They are usually set up on a Saturday and offer drive-through vaccinations. Whole families are often vaccinated in such clinics. While the health department encourages early registration, walk-ins are welcome.

“It takes a lot more logistics and strategy to make sure the clinics, traffic control and things like that are working,” Pyle said. “(It also requires) having more body to do all of those extra chores when you are out with all the elements.”

These additional jobs are often filled by members of the Utah National Guard, “and this is where we really help the counties by providing them with the manpower,” said Jeremy Metzger, captain of the Medical Support Team. “We like to call ourselves”

With all options to get vaccinated, Pyle says about 50% of eligible people in the health district have received at least one dose of the vaccine. You and everyone at the health department plan to work all summer and fall to get as many people fully vaccinated as possible, even if only one person at a time.

To date, Weber-Morgan’s Department of Health has administered more than 102,000 doses of the vaccine in its clinics and reports that an additional 90,000 have been administered through community partners.

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