Voluntary database launched in Southside to provide care during mental health crisis

HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) – The Martinsville-Henry County 911 Center has created a database for residents and businesses to volunteer relevant information to help emergency responders.

As part of the Marcus David Peters Act, the database will provide first responders with relevant records to find appropriate solutions for those suffering from a mental health crisis or emergency.

“Whenever we send first responders, it is important that we send the right people for the job. When someone has a mental crisis, they may not always need a cop. Sometimes this escalates the problem instead of improving the situation. The database allows people to come to us in advance and share this mental health information so the dispatcher knows who to send. “

JR Powell, director of the Martinsville-Henry County 911 Center

The information provided such as behavioral diseases, mental illnesses, developmental or intellectual disabilities or brain injuries are treated confidentially.

The data is not made available to any company other than dispatchers and first responders to better serve the needs of individuals in the community.

Information can be provided by the individual or by a parent or legal guardian.

All minors are automatically removed from the database when they are 18 years old, unless the individual or legal guardian is asked to remain in the database. The date of birth is required in the voluntary database to meet the auto-renewal guidelines.

If you live in Henry County or Martinsville, you can submit this information up click here. You can also request a physical form by calling 911 Administration at (276) 632-1197.

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