Vida Health’s Virtual Diabetes Program Achieves Meaningful Clinical Outcomes in Reducing HbA1c

SAN FRANCISCO – () – New research results in. released Journal of Internet Medical Research Diabetes (JMIR diabetes) shows clinically meaningful reductions in hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels for participants enrolled in Life health‘s virtual diabetes management program. The results of the study suggest that Vida’s program provides an accessible, scalable and effective solution for the management of type 2 diabetes and improved HbA1c.

The study, Improved glycemic control through digital health intervention in adults with type 2 diabetes: retrospective study, studied changes in blood sugar levels in participants with type 2 diabetes who participated in Vida’s virtual diabetes management program. Several HbA1c results were examined, collected from hundreds of participants and obtained directly from national laboratories. The results show that the participants had a clinically significant reduction in HbA1c levels after just four months. Overall, participants saw a 0.8 point reduction between baseline and follow-up, while participants classified as high-risk patients – those with an HbA1c value of 8.0 or greater – had an average reduction of 1.4 points between Baseline and follow-up recorded. There was also a significant effect of program engagement on HbA1c change. Participants who met with their provider more frequently saw a larger decrease compared to those with low engagement, a 1 point decrease versus a 0.65 point decrease.

“A drug that causes a point reduction in A1c would be an automatic blockbuster,” said Michael Scahill, MD, FAAP, VP of Medical Affairs at Vida Health and lead author on the study. “Where drugs often have undesirable side effects, we see in this study that such results are possible with an intervention whose most common side effect is greater general satisfaction.”

“Digital health is a great way to reach people with diabetes anywhere, anytime, and it can fill an important gap in care,” said Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD chief science and medical officer of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). “These results from Vida Health are further evidence that human-led virtual care solutions can have meaningful and lasting effects on the health of people with diabetes.”

Traditional lifestyle interventions have shown limited success in improving diabetes-related outcomes. The increasing evolution of adults with type 2 diabetes over several decades, the overall medical costs, and myriad of obstacles to obtaining and performing diabetes treatments highlight the need for new, more powerful, and effective solutions. The results of the Vida study suggest that treating the physical and psychological effects of the disease at the same time with evidence-based, ongoing virtual care can be a much-needed and more effective solution for diabetes management and improved HbA1c levels.

“I got through in a year [with Vida] than in two decades of trying it on my own, ”said Jenny, an employee of one of Vida’s Fortune 500 customers who has lost more than 80 pounds, reduced her A1c from 7.2 to 5.9 and metformin and her high has been discontinued on blood pressure medication since joining the program. “With an understanding of who I am, what I went through and what I want to achieve, my coach set me on the path to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She gave me my life back. ”

“There are myriad barriers preventing people from participating in traditional diabetes management programs – costs, referral needs, scheduling, and transportation issues – to name a few,” said Gretchen Zimmermann, RD, CDCES, director of clinical dietetics at Vida Health and lead author of the paper. “So many of these challenges are instantly eliminated with a personalized digital diabetes management program like Vida’s. These results speak for themselves. Vida’s highly personalized virtual-first solution can truly transform lives by delivering clinically and statistically meaningful improvements for people with type 2 diabetes. ”

The core of Vida’s philosophy is the idea that every chronic illness must be treated not only physically but also psychologically. Vida’s diabetes management program is run by trainers, diabetes professionals, and licensed providers, including registered dietitians, who customize care with a patient-centered approach and targeted interventions to improve blood sugar control such as: B. medical nutritional therapy or pharmacy recommendations. Vida’s approach to population health addresses mental health using evidence-based modalities and multiple service points, including psychological coaching and psychotherapy. The synergetic treatment of both physical and mental health leads to better results for Vida members.

These meaningful diabetes results are the latest positive results from Vida published in peer-reviewed publications. Vida recently published a retrospective study See the changes in stress after the Vida 10 Week Digital Mindfulness-Based Stress Relief Program. Vida also published several peer-reviewed studies in 2020, including one Plus one Paper looking at Vida’s weight management program and a JMIR Paper highlighting the effectiveness of Vida’s virtual therapy program. Results were also published in American heart diary, JMIR Mhealth Uhealth, and The psychological record.

Vida offers full-stack solutions in English and Spanish, and serves members in all 50 states. Vida clients include employers such as Boeing, Visa, Cisco and eBay, as well as some of the largest health plans in the country such as Centene, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

About Vida Health

Vida Health is a virtual care platform purposely designed to manage a person’s overall health through the joint treatment of mental and physical illnesses. Vida’s clinically validated approach combines a personalized virtual care program anchored through the support and human connection of a nationwide network of trainers, registered dietitians, certified diabetes specialists and therapists. Vida’s app works with hundreds of connected devices, offers video sessions, asynchronous messaging, and digital content, as well as programs that help people prevent, manage, and manage chronic conditions – like diabetes and high blood pressure – and the associated mental illnesses – like stress to reverse depression and anxiety. Trusted by some of America’s largest employers and health insurers for the full range of health care products from Vida. Learn more at

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