Veteran rides across 32 states to help pay off health care debt

A veteran travels 32 states as part of RIP Medical Debt and covers 10,000 miles to raise funds for other veterans and their families.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – A veteran travels 32 states across the country to raise funds. The donations will be used to help veterans and their families pay off their health care debts.

“There are many veterans out there who need our help. They have served our country and deserve medical care.” [debt] abolished, “said Col. Mikel Burroughs.

Col. Burroughs, himself a veteran, is part of RIP medical debt, a nonprofit committed to paying veterans and their families’ health debts.

Col. Burroughs will ride his motorcycle in 32 states, including Florida. On Sunday he stopped in St. Petersburg, where his daughter lives.

Col. Burroughs is excited about this trip because he has lost friends and family who were veterans of mental illness. Col. Burroughs said his goal is to help veterans get rid of their health care debts so they can get the treatments they need.

He will cover 10,000 miles on his motorcycle on his trip to 32 states. So far, he has raised $ 4,000 in donations but plans to raise $ 50,000. He still has 8,000 miles to go.

In order to pay off the health care debt, he handles debt procurement for RIP Medical Debt.

Col. Burroughs said he was buying debts direct from hospitals to remit veterans. Col. Burroughs said last year he was helping in the Tampa area.

“We eliminated $ 290 million in the Tampa General for the people of the Tampa area,” said Col. Burroughs.

While traveling to different states, his goal is to help as many veterans as possible.

If you want to donate or learn more about the organization, Click here.

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