UT Dallas researches ways to improve brain health, performance

DALLAS (KXAN / KXAS) – A study at the University of Texas at Dallas explores ways to improve brain health and improve brain performance over the long term.

The BrainHealth Project aims to track brain progress through the BrainHealth Index and find ways to improve brain health through training, activities and coaching.

Adults and children ages 8 to 17 can enroll in the program, and participants ages 18 to 40 can get a number of free MRIs to get insights into their blood flow and brain connectivity. according to KXAS in Dallas.

According to the KXAS report, research into how to improve brain performance has been ongoing for three decades.

Participants in the project will first be tested to determine their brain’s current performance and then trained in strategies to improve their BrainHealth Index.

Participants can then apply what they have learned and make everyday habits for the rest of their lives.

The project is financed through grants and donations. According to KXAS, participation does not cost anything.

Sign up online here.

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