UArizona offers new health science undergraduate degree

TUCSON (KVOA) – The University of Arizona created a new degree program to better prepare students for careers in healthcare.

The need for trained healthcare professionals is increasing, especially after the pandemic.

The new Bachelor of Science course in Medicine could therefore not have come at a better time.

The College of Medicine will offer this new program.

They hope that through more hands-on experience, it will enable students to have a better understanding of what medicine is. They also hope this program will help students get a better idea of ​​what they would like to pursue in the medical field.

Dr. Todd Vanderah is the director of the department of pharmacology at the College of Medicine.

He is excited about one of the new courses in which students will get to know 10 different health professions directly from different health professions.

“You will approach each of these clinical cases as a different type of medical nurse or health worker, so yes, a doctor, but also a nurse, a pharmacist, also an occupational therapist, a social worker,” said Vanderah. “When you practice medicine, there is a lot of reality that comes out. I just want the students all to be prepared. But it’s great so they can practice, to see what it was like to stand out from all the different ways to approach the matter. ” of the disciplines. “

The four-year undergraduate degree comprises four areas of focus: medical technology, basic medical sciences, medicine and society, and integrative and practice-oriented medicine.

“My general hope is that we will have something that students really, really enjoy,” said Vanderah. “We want to offer something that gives students another way to say, ‘Hey, I want to try some of this or see this.’ I hope it helps students make career choices. “

The Bachelor of Science in Medicine course will be offered as a major from autumn 2021.

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