RVA residents can now create emergency health profiles for first responders

RICHMOND, Virginia (WWBT) – Richmond residents can now add health information to an online profile used by first responders during an emergency.

Residents can create a free online profile with this link. You can choose what information to include, such as: B. psychological problems, developmental disorders, previous illnesses, allergies, emergency contacts and more.

This information is available to the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications and first responders in the event of an emergency or crisis.

Information is associated with a person’s phone number and is only made available when an emergency call is made from that phone number.

“The ability to get a caller’s health information will better inform our staff and first responders during the emergency response,” said Stephen Willoughby, director of the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications, which answers and routes emergency calls in Richmond. “I urge our community members to create their free Emergency Health Profile to ensure they can share critical data with 911 to save lives.”

Virginia locations are required to create a voluntary health database as part of the MARCUS warning system. The database is one of several initiatives that Richmond and the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority will be launching to better serve people with mental health problems.

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