Oregon health care providers remain unvaccinated, new data show

94 percent of Oregon dentists received a COVID-19 vaccination.

But only half of chiropractors have had a sting. And for chiropractors, the vaccination rate is 45%.

Dentists and chiropractors represent the high and low end of vaccination rates among licensed health workers in the state, new data shows. Many other health professionals also have relatively low vaccination rates: only 57% of certified nursing assistants in Oregon are vaccinated; 60% of licensed professional nurses are vaccinated; and only 56% of advanced paramedics have received an injection.

The picture was taken in Data released from the Oregon Health Department. Data, updated July 3, draws the curtain on how health professionals have accepted or disapproved of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The relatively poor rates in many health professions have re-raised the question of whether vaccination should be compulsory for healthcare workers who may have close contact with patients and are at high risk of contracting the virus or passing it on to others.

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