New moms showing higher rates of mental health issues since pandemic, report says

Canadian research showed that cases of anxiety and depression in new mothers have increased by up to 39 percent, and reports of substance abuse have also increased.

HOUSTON – Life can get tough for new mothers, and the pandemic made it even more difficult, according to a recent report. Mental health problems for new mothers are on the rise.

Anxiety, depression quarantine increase

A new report from Canada says postpartum mental health visits have increased 30 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels. Reports of anxiety and depression in new mothers rose 39 percent, and reports of substance abuse in the group also increased.

More remote, fewer problems

An interesting finding from the report was that women who lived in less populated communities reported more normal levels of mental health problems from the summer onwards. The researchers believe this is because COVID-19 cases in these areas of Canada decreased around this time, allowing for less social distancing and more personal schooling and dining.

Social network plays an important role

Mental health experts point out that social support for new parents, especially new mothers, can be vital. The pandemic cut many people off from this social network and increased the stress of protecting a brand new baby.

All of this makes a hard time even harder.

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