Nationwide Children’s boosts health of Columbus’ Linden, South Side

Alice Poindexter spent 30 years abroad, then returned to her home in South Linden, where she had spent much of her childhood.

In the 1950s, the humble two-story home near the corner of Hamilton and 14th Avenues came to life to embody her youth, and Poindexter was delighted that little of its charm was faded or replaced by renovations when she bought it in 2001. Poindexter is one of nine siblings and their oldest sister had lived in the house for years but was preparing to move to a new building in Canal Winchester.

“It sparked so many memories,” said Poindexter, 75.

However, as Poindexter and her husband Knud Manniche – a man she met and married in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen – settled in over the years, she found that the aging house needed repair. But after retiring from a career in childcare, she didn’t have the money to pay for the home improvement herself.

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