Mental health: Dealing with the loss of a loved one in the pandemic

In the past year we have seen families grieve for a loved one. Death is inevitable, but it is also difficult to accept.

In the current situation, we couldn’t say goodbye to our loved ones. The guilt for it, or the inability to do more for her, was disturbing. Here are some ways that can help you recover from the loss of a loved one, as Sitender Sehrawat, mindfulness teacher and founder of Mindful Souls, reports.

Own your guilt

Remember that you did as much as you could or the situation allowed. “Trying to blame yourself for the result will only overwhelm your situation. Be nice to yourself if you could but could not do something, ”said Sehrawat.

Accept the unfortunate event

All of our lives we have been taught to avoid uncomfortable emotions. When you are feeling depressed, you will be asked to see a movie, go out with friends, or do just the opposite.

According to Sehrawat, “depressing negative emotions puts us in a mode of denial.” “While it helps to go out and cheer up, it should be the last step after dealing with negative emotions. Often we are not taught that it is normal to grieve, cry and experience unpleasant emotions. “

Give yourself time to heal

Healing is a gradual process; most people try to rush it.

“Every time we go through this cycle, our mind sees it as a failure and over time you become convinced that you cannot heal. Suppressing your negative emotions can lead to a build-up of suppressed negative emotions, ”he said.

Honor their memories

We earn memories by spending time with loved ones. This emotional transaction is priceless. “You cannot trade your lifelong income for years of suffering. Cherish the memories by showing compassion for others. You could save someone’s life, but only you can understand how satisfying it is, ”he explained.

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