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Local health officials announced a possible COVID-19 exposure site in Iron County on Tuesday during an event held on Friday at the Crystal Theater in Crystal Falls.

One person who later tested positive for the coronavirus was in the theater from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., according to a press release from the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department.

Symptoms typically appear within two to 14 days of exposure.

“We request that if you have visited the site or have had close contact with someone who has visited the site and has or develops symptoms such as cough, fever, or shortness of breath, call your doctor and inform them of possible risks of exposure,” it says in the press release.

For more information, contact the Dickinson County office at 906-774-1868.

The state’s COVID-19 data showed three new confirmed COVID-19 positives in Iron County on Tuesday, after the state added four more cases on Friday.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ coronavirus website since the last update on Friday also listed 10 new ones

confirmed positive results in Gogebic County; six in Chippewa County; and one each in Dickinson, Delta and Ontonagon counties. The state has cut Menominee County’s deaths by one.

Using only the MDHHS numbers, the upper peninsula had 20,148 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 442 deaths on Tuesday.

Across UP, MDHHS data on Tuesday in Keweenaw County had 142 confirmed cases and 32 probable cases, as well as one confirmed death and one probable death; Luce County, 226 confirmed cases and 255 probable, four confirmed deaths and one probable death; Alger County, 323 confirmed, 196 likely, and three deaths, four likely; Schoolcraft County, 354 confirmed cases and 84 probable, four deaths and one probable; Ontonagon County, 423 confirmed, 61 likely and 20 deaths, one likely; Mackinac County, 459 confirmed cases and 256 likely, three deaths; Baraga County, 695 confirmed cases, 128 probable, and 39 deaths; Iron County, 992 confirmed cases and 70 likely, 43 deaths and 10 likely; Gogebic County, 1,063 confirmed cases and 362 likely, 23 deaths and 29 likely; Chippewa County, 1,108 confirmed cases and 1,424 likely and 28 deaths, six likely; Menominee County, 1,803 confirmed cases, 330 likely and 41 deaths, two likely; Dickinson County, 2,414 confirmed cases and 344 likely, 59 deaths and 15 likely; Houghton County, 2,536 confirmed cases, 607 likely, 35 deaths, and eight likely; Delta County, 3,346 confirmed cases and 714 likely, 76 deaths and 19 likely; and Marquette County, 4,264 confirmed cases, 826 likely and 63 deaths, one likely. Government figures are updated regularly, but may lag behind local reports or show other discrepancies.

The MDHHS added 650 confirmed new coronavirus positives in Michigan on Tuesday since its last update on Friday, making a total of 896,717. The state had 31 new deaths attributed to the virus as of Tuesday – including 27 that had occurred previously but were recently verified by key records and tests – to 19,832.

The state started last week releasing new COVID data only twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

For the five Wisconsin counties in the region, the state Department of Health’s COVID-19 data page on Tuesday had three new confirmed positive results in Marinette Counties, two in Florence Counties and one in Vilas and Iron Counties. The state added one death in Forest County but cut Florence County’s toll by one.

The DHS COVID-19 data page had Marinette County as of Tuesday with 4,239 confirmed cases, 477 probable cases and 67 deaths, six probable deaths; Vilas County, 2,298 confirmed, 149 likely and 42 deaths, three likely; Forest County, 966 confirmed, 81 likely and 24 deaths, three likely; Iron County, 590 confirmed, 120 likely and 21 deaths, 20 likely; and Florence County, 456 confirmed, 55 probable, and 13 deaths. As with Michigan, state numbers are updated regularly, but may lag behind local reports or show other discrepancies.

Wisconsin had 458 new positive results on Tuesday for a total of 614,057 confirmed COVID-19 cases. The state recorded four new deaths at 7,360 on Tuesday.

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