Letter to the Editor: Don’t subsidize bad health habits

Drs. Larry Kaplan and Bill Clark argue that Maine should implement universal health care (“Letter to the Editor: Give Mainer’s Chance to Vote on a Fair Health System”, 6th of June). The system should be “fairly financed” and leave no one out.

The term “fairly financed” is specified on the website mainehealthcareaction.org, where we read: “Everyone gets the same benefits. Everyone pays according to their abilities. “Apparently the belief in”By everyone according to their ability“, A well-known Marxist phrase, is still relevant despite the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The idea of ​​not leaving anyone out is also problematic. For example, suppose a person smokes for years and develops emphysema as a result, and therefore requires expensive health care. Providing free health care to people who harm their own bodies is tantamount to subsidizing bad habits, and we should therefore expect these habits to increase in such a system. (Similarly, if our auto insurance was free and covered every mechanical problem, people wouldn’t treat their cars with respect.)

A system that prioritizes service to those who have been harmed by others or the environment (and not all) and who indict those who abuse their own bodies (rather than those who earn decent salaries) would result in better health lead to a lower price then the system proposed by Drs. Kaplan and Clark.

William Vaughan Jr.
Chebeague Island

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