Indiana gets $40M from CDC to address COVID-related health disparities

Indiana and Marion Counties receive more than $ 40 million in federal funding from a national budget of $ 2.25 billion that aims to address health inequalities due to the Covid pandemic.

The money represents the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s largest investment to date, which is focused on improving equity in healthcare.

The grants are aimed at local and state health officials and focus on improving COVID testing and contact tracing for underserved, higher-risk populations, including racial and ethnic minorities. This money can also be used to help reduce COVID-19-related health inequalities and improve the ability to control the spread of the virus, the CDC said in a press release.

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Indiana State Department of Health will receive $ 34.8 million, including more than $ 7.89 million for rural communities.

The Health and Hospital Corp. from Marion County will receive more than $ 5.9 million. In total, Indiana received $ 40,705,446 from the CDC.

The scholarships run for two years.

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