HSG and Mon Health System to Present a Continuing Education Webinar for the American College of Healthcare Executives on June 15 | State

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – HSG, a national healthcare consultancy, will partner with the leadership of Mon Health System effective immediately Tuesday June 15th, at an American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) webinar entitled “Network Transformation for Working Physicians: Evolution and Integration.“This educational webinar will discuss how HSG and Mon Health System have addressed the challenges of evolving Mon Health’s hospital medical networks into a coherent, multi-specialized group supporting the health system’s strategy and mission.

The trend towards the acquisition of doctor’s offices along with the consolidation of health organizations has increased the influence of internal culture and administration on a health system’s ability to provide services to its community. Indeed, busy physician alignment has focused on the importance of evolving from a group of independent practices and service lines to a cohesive, culturally and strategically aligned group with multiple specialties.

“We often find gaps in alignment and integration between the network and the health system,” said DR. Terry McWilliams, Director and Clinical Chief Consultant at the HSG. “Although the healthcare system leadership teams recognize these needs, there is not always a common understanding of the skills that the deployed network must develop in order to make the healthcare system successful and the future success of the medical company as part of the healthcare system’s mission and strategy on its ability to social care could have and has taken action. ”

Webinar attendees have the opportunity not only from the health advisors of. to listen HSG but also from David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health. Your program will contain information on the path they have taken to integrate strategy and implementation between employed medical networks and their healthcare system. It will also look at how to assess the current state of the salaried physician network of a health system and define the core elements of a successful and committed salaried physician network.

For more information about the webinar or to participate in the program, please register at ACHE.org Learning Center section of the website or follow this link. The program is planned by 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Central time on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. The moderators include Travis Ansel, Managing partner at HSG; Terrence McWilliams, MD, Director and Senior Clinical Advisor at the HSG and David Goldberg, President and CEO, Mon Health System.

The HSG is building high-performance networks of doctors so that health systems can react to complex changes with confidence. HSG, a Louisville-based, national health consultancy, can be reached via email through their website, LinkedIn info@hsgadvisors.com, or by phone at (502) 814-1180.

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