Health officials warn about toxic Orange County lake

Joann Nelson’s dog Breeze loved swimming in Orlando’s Lake Anderson, which is right behind her house. But she can’t go on while Orange County Health officials say the lake is contaminated with dangerous blue-green algae. Nelson says a previous bloom made Breeze very sick.

“She drinks a lot of water, and I didn’t add two and two together. When the health department came and marked our lake and put a note on the door, it was blue-green algae,” said Nelson.

According to the health department, the algae bloom in the lake is dangerous for humans and animals. Nelson has lived here since 1994. She says they fought to purify the water.

“We tried a ventilation system, street baskets for the leaves, everything we tried didn’t work, we had a terrible algae problem.”

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Health officials say people and pets shouldn’t go into the lake – even on boats – and use the water for nothing. Nelson says it has been since the district expanded the area’s road system years ago.

“There used to be beautiful wildlife, you saw all kinds of fish, ducks and birds, and if we don’t fix this, it will be gone. Our lakes are polluted. “

Nelson hopes something will happen soon as dirty water is not a good look for Central Florida’s reputation.

“This is what Orlando was known for – the ‘beautiful city’. Clean lakes, orange blossoms, and that’s all gone now. “

Commissioner Mayra Uribe, who represents the region, says in the coming weeks she will meet with the county’s environmental protection department to find solutions to clean up Lake Anderson.

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