Global Tech Company Commends Health First Heart & Vascular Clinicians’ Expertise


HEART AND VASCULAR SURGICAL TEAM MEMBERS Chad Miker (left) and Joshua Michaelman (right), long-time cardiothoracic clinicians, were recognized for performing endoscopic vein harvesting procedures by the global technology leader Getinge Group, who presented them with their President’s Circle of Excellence awards.

A surgical innovator recognizes members of the Heart & Vascular team at the Holmes Regional Medical Center for their successful experience in performing minimally invasive bypass grafts.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – What symptoms do patients have after coronary artery bypass surgery? The aftereffects of vein harvesting are part of the procedure that involves taking tissue from the thigh to be transplanted onto arterial structures on the coronary heart.

Heart & Vascular Services from Health First recognized this and for several years have offered an option that is not only minimally invasive but also delivers excellent results – endoscopic vein harvest (EVH), a procedure developed by the German company Maquet, a subsidiary the Getinge Group.

Cardiovascular surgery team members Joshua Michaelman and Chad Miker, longtime cardiac thoracic operating room (OR) clinicians, have been recognized for their long track record of success with the company’s President’s Circle of Excellence.

Michaelman, a medical assistant, was awarded platinum status for leading more than 1,500 EVHs, while Miker, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), was awarded the group’s highest diamond level for assisting with more than 2,000 procedures has been.

A coronary artery bypass procedure is one of the most complicated surgeries a hospital performs, and it is the best investment and training in new technology to make it safer and more successful than ever.

“This procedure was not available to any patient who had coronary artery bypass surgery in Brevard County prior to 2013 when Chad brought it here,” said Dr. Matthew Campbell, a cardiovascular surgeon.

EVH extrudes healthy venous tissue through a tiny incision in the thigh. This tissue is then transplanted to arterial structures on the coronary heart in a bypass. Before this technology was available, Dr. Campbell, vein harvesting was the main complaint and difficulty faced by patients after bypass surgery.

Hard-earned know-how

These procedures are the standard of care in bypass surgery, but their success depends on hard-earned expertise and experience. EVH is the technique that has been linked to a lower incidence of complications and a reduced patient recovery rate, according to published medical studies. Health First introduced EVH to improve the quality of outcomes for cardiac bypass patients in Brevard County higher than ever.

“They’re easily in the top 5% of operators in the country,” said Campbell. “Josh and Chad have helped thousands of Brevard residents get through cardiac bypass surgery with better results and easier recoveries,” said Brett Esrock, CEO of Hospital Services.

“It’s another example of Brevard County’s Health First leading the way in cardiovascular literacy – making sure our community receives world-class care in their own backyard.”

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