Forest Health Is of the Utmost Importance at Oregon’s Longview Ranch

KIMBERLY, Ore .– () –Longview Ranch, located on historic Route 19 in central Oregon in Kimberly 30,000 breathtaking hectares of varied landscape.

Every year in Oregon Longview Ranch continues to invest in the 9,500 hectares of forest entrusted to them. This summer, Oregon Longview Ranch will work through another 400 acres of wood to make the forest as healthy as possible. Oregon Longview Ranch will leave the big healthy trees and try to place them between the other trees to increase the rate of growth, reduce the risk of fire and reduce the spread of beetles.

Although the cost of this is significant, Oregon’s is Longview Ranch is committed to responsible and sustainable land use and is of the opinion that it is worthwhile for the health of the forest.

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About Longview Ranch

Located on historic Route 19 in central Oregon in Kimberly, Longview Ranch entertains 30,000 breathtaking hectares of varied landscape. Eight miles the John Day River flows through the middle of the property, which is primarily used to raise grass cattle. With three tributaries that share the annual Steelhead runs, Longview Ranch also manages 25,000 hectares Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Pasture land and 485 hectares of irrigated hay producing land on which 800 suckler cows and 50 bulls live.

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