Even Wisconsin health experts aren’t always sure where to wear a mask

In a recent conference call between local health officials from across Wisconsin, they discussed whether you, as vaccinated health leaders, should continue to wear their masks.

Even if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention new guidelines published last month That fully vaccinated people could safely walk without a mask in most public facilities, the decision is so subjective that one county health officer may still wear a mask at the grocery store while another leaves his at home.

Health officials couldn’t agree on a single best approach, said Kurt Eggebrecht, the former city of Appleton health officer.

In Wisconsin, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have decreased sharply since last fall. Still, an average of 104 inhabitants per day Tested positive in the last week and only 43% of the state are fully vaccinated against the virus, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health. No infants were vaccinated.

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