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Photos Submitted Robert Messer smiles as he receives a YETI Soft Cooler for being selected in the Barbour Community Health Association drawing to celebrate Men’s Health Month.

BARBOUR COUNTY – To celebrate Men’s Health Month, the Barbour Community Health Association has entered into a raffle for all male patients who attended Myers Clinic or Belington Clinic for routine checkups from June 14th to 30th.

In the raffle, the patients had the chance to win a YETI soft cooler.

The Myers Clinic received 111 entries for the raffle and the Belington Clinic received 118 entries.

Billy Workman, a patient at Myers Clinic, won a YETI soft cooler in the raffle and Robert Messer from Belington Clinic won the second cooler in the raffle.

June is recognized nationwide as Men’s Health Month each year to raise awareness of preventable health issues and promote the early detection and treatment of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and depression.

Billy Workman, a patient at Myers Clinic, receives a YETI Soft Cooler for being selected in the Barbour Community Health Association raffle to celebrate Men’s Health Month.

Health organizations from across Barbour Country host a variety of screening events promoting the importance of routine screening and the implementation of healthy behaviors in everyday life.

The Belington and Myers Clinics are government qualified health centers that provide medical and behavioral health care and wellness programs to patients with insurance, Medicare and / or Medicaid, and without health coverage through the clinic’s Health Access program.

The organization also operates the Belington Wellness Center, the Brandon Wellness Center, the Philippi Wellness Center, and the AB Wellness Center.

The Belington Wellness Center is located next to the Belington Medical Clinic and offers a wide range of exercise equipment and exercise programs, as well as a swimming pool.

Brandon Wellness Center is a school-based health center that provides a variety of medical and behavioral health services in the areas of nursing, preventive and acute care to students and staff at Philip Barbour High School in Barbour County.

Brandon School-based Health Services are offered to all Barbour County School students and families.

The AB Wellness Center provides acute and chronic medical services to all currently enrolled Alderson Broaddus University students and staff.

The Philippi Wellness Center is located behind the Barbour Chiropractic Center at 206 N. Main Street and offers physical fitness and health improvement services through exercise equipment and regular workshops and seminars.

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