Security Matters introduces ‘SMX Plastic Circular Economy Online Unit’

Overview and commercial benefits
With SMX’s mark, track and trace solution, plastics can store key information such as manufacturer, plastic type, percentage of content recycled and number of recycling loops to enable the creation of the product’s digital twin.

The conveyor belt detector will complement the overall solution from SMX, providing verifiable readings at each participant’s location and allowing those involved to transfer ownership of the material or product, record additional data points and attach documents via the user interface. These metrics enable users to track plastic packaging across all stages of the value chain, including sorting and mechanical recycling.

Providing a solution that is able to mark the tracking and tracing from raw material to final product while providing complete transparency of the value chain is the missing gap for plastic circularity.

A revolutionary system to improve sorting ability for the circular & closed loop economy

  • Ready for integration into any recycling and sorting facility.
  • The ability to recognize and quantify:
    • The name of the trademark owner
    • The percentage of content that is recycled
    • The type of polymer
    • How many times the polymer has been recycled (loop counts)
  • The possibility of integrating the system on any rigid or flexible plastic packaging, which can be of any size or plastic shreds

Customization options for specific requirements
SMX is able to adapt its conveyor belt system to individual and specific requirements. These can include:

  • The ability to read rigid and flexible packaging (e.g. bottles and containers)
  • The ability to detect, among other things, waste, polymers “marked” with SMX
  • The dimensions of the conveyor belt (width & length)
  • Conveyor belt speed

Haggai Alon, Founder and CEO comments:

“The SMX Plastic Circular Economy online unit is a revolutionary system that opens up the possibility of recovering and reusing all types of plastic content. By using SMX’s breakthrough technology to ‘label’ plastic when new and in recycling and sorting facilities – this will improve sortability, resulting in higher levels of plastic recycling. ”

On behalf of the general manager.

About Security Matters Limited
Security Matters has begun commercializing its unique, patented technology that uses a hidden, chemical-based “barcode” to permanently and irrevocably “label” any object, be it solid, liquid or gas. The barcode is read with the company’s unique “reader” to access the corresponding stored data, which is recorded and protected with blockchain technology.

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