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Moving to electric vehicles would save consumers, governments and businesses $ 19 billion every year, according to a new report from Advanced Energy Economy. (Adobe warehouse)

By Diane Bernhard – producer, Contact

June 16, 2021

RICHMOND, Va. – As Congressional negotiations on a federal infrastructure package continue, today a report predicts that the proposed $ 274 billion investment in the American Jobs Plan to support electric vehicles would boost the country’s economy and create millions of jobs.

The report said that funding new charging infrastructure, manufacturing and employee training would generate a return of $ 1.3 trillion in private investment and nearly 11 million jobs. Ryan Gallentine, Transport Electrification Policy Director Progressive energy industry, who released the report, said Virginia would create more than 93,000 jobs.

“The big takeaway here is that for every dollar of public investment, it generates $ 2.60 in direct private investment,” he said. “This is good business for consumers, it’s good business for the US economy, and should be bipartisan backed by Congress.”

He pointed out that switching to electric propulsion would also mean more than $ 200 billion in tax revenue for federal, state and local governments. However, opponents of EV switching have cited high upfront costs and concerns about limited battery life.

Some states, like Virginia, are starting to address these issues. That year created the General Assembly of the Commonwealth an EV discount program valued at $ 2,500 per purchase. Gallatine added that switching to more electric transportation would significantly reduce air pollution, a serious problem particularly in Northern Virginia.

“Trucks and other high-pollution vehicles that travel on regular delivery routes through neighborhoods that have historically been the places where those highways run,” he said, “there are some real health benefits to preventing people from developing asthma more often to suffer .”

In 2016, according to a. 485 Virginians prematurely affected by ozone and particulate matter emitted by cars, trucks and buses new study from Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. More than 7,000 people died in 12 states in the Northeast and Central Atlantic.

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