MSU baseball wins help boost Starkville’s economy

Little Dooey

STARKVILLE, miss. (WCBI) – The Bulldogs are fine in Omaha and that only helps Starkville’s economy.

“You can really see that, um, it’s a living and breathing city. It’s not just a dead small town that falls by the wayside, ”said MSU Junior Dawson Ozborn.

Back on the north side of the MSU campus is Carnegie Hall of college baseball. Over 15,000 people gathered in the stadium at the same time to cheer on the bulldogs.

“Man, it’s hard to describe, but it’s really easy, you can just feel physically, the air is just filled with electricity. It’s exciting, people are cheering, cowbells are ringing, you hardly hear anything from the people next to you, ”said Osborn.

And like the Dawgs, so is the city. Exercise helps bring Starkville and the people who live here nationally into the spotlight.

Local traders say they are ready for visitors.

“We bring in an item and then we sell it. I mean, it’s just that quick. So she keeps reordering and of course it’s all baseball stuff, ”said Barabra Foster, Campus Bookmart employee.

Any tour of Starkville should include food – and lots of it.

For ESPN Anchors, Little Dooeys is the culinary highlight in Starkville.

“It’s just always helped all these years, and now we’re kind of a tourist destination that people visit when they come to Starkville,” said Little Dooey owner Bart Wood.

Favorites like Little Dooey are always busy. Since the Dawgs moved to Omaha, the Bookmart campus right outside campus has had more orders than it did before the season.

“I think if our football, baseball, and basketball teams are doing well, it will really help the Starkville economy. You know, everyone is very excited and willing to spend a little more money, so it was good, ”said Foster.

Whether it’s food or hometown appeal, the advertising Starkville received from the pals makes businesses boom from the second they open their doors.

“I think it was probably two weeks and then it was the very first Super Bulldog weekend. And that Super Bulldog weekend we looked up and there was a line across the bridge and from my point of view that line didn’t stop, ”said Little Dooey cook Shirley Franklin.

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