Letter to the editor: Carbon fee would benefit economy, foster innovation

While negotiations on the infrastructure package continue, climate protection is often labeled as uneconomical, where any kind of effective action would be associated with high costs. This couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, the long-term effects must be mentioned, since the climate change that has not been addressed means a catastrophe for future jobs and ways of life. These climate-related disasters have a price of almost $ 2 trillion since 1980, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a number that continues to rise.

But even in the present, many solutions offer opportunities to create jobs, create innovations and stimulate the economy. A CO2 fee and dividend structure is a perfect example of this. Approved by over 3,500 Economists, it would increase international competitiveness, advance Innovation and Grant discounts to citizens.

However, we can go a step further and consider CO2 as a resource rather than waste by using CO2 capture and use. From improving agricultural soils to neutralizing hazardous waste to making carbon tech products, companies like Microsoft and Strip have already invested millions in these technologies, seeing the value available and the consequences of inaction. Dealing with the climate crisis is good business now and will be critical to the economy of the future.

Lukas Bartol

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