HEADLEY: SURF activities affect state’s economy | Opinion

• The net economic impact of SURF is expected to reach $ 1.6 billion. This number takes into account the construction of the LBNF / DUNE project managed by the Department of Energy’s Fermilab and SURF operations.

• South Dakotan’s household income is projected to reach $ 572 million.

• The study also showed that 1,052 jobs could be created annually.

SURF employs nearly 200 people and has spent more than $ 250 million on salaries, construction, supplies, and supplies in South Dakota since 2007. Fermilab and its subcontractors employ around 160 people annually through the construction of LBNF / DUNE. The project is expected to take up to 10 years to build and at least 20 years to build, attracting hundreds of scientists each year and securing the future of SURF – and regional jobs – for years to come.

In addition to economic benefits, we are promoting K-12 education by leveraging SURF’s world-leading research. Education specialists develop curriculum units, classroom presentations, and field trips – all designed to meet South Dakota scientific standards – and create a variety of teacher development opportunities. SURF’s K-12 mission has touched the lives of more than 60,000 students and 1,400 educators in South Dakota.

We know that undergraduate and graduate students need practical experience. Every year we create jobs and hire students from universities in South Dakota to intern with SURF in a variety of disciplines. Interns work with experts from science, technology, the environment, health, safety, communication and education, which prepares them for exciting careers.

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