Gas prices shock drivers, but reflect an economic rebound

Are you looking for one more signal that the US economy is on the way again? Take a look at the price on the pump.

Motorists woke up Monday morning to see more signs of economic recovery – which will ruin your wallet – when gas station prices for credit card purchases at a Sunoco station on 8 Mile Road and John R in Detroit hit $ 3.09.

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Another Sunoco station just a few miles north on Woodward Avenue in Pleasant Ridge had a gasoline price of $ 3.29 a gallon on Monday morning for credit card purchases.

Gasoline no longer costs $ 2 a gallon

Say goodbye to those two dollar bargains. We are now looking at gas prices that are pretty close to what they were in June three years ago.

So much for last summer’s deals where gasoline in Metro Detroit averaged about $ 1.07 per gallon lower in the same week last June, according to The average for Metro Detroit at this time last year was about $ 2.10 per gallon.

Cars no longer collect dust in the garage

Gone are the days when cars were left untouched in the garage as there was nowhere for consumers to go during the economic shutdowns that took place to prevent people from getting seriously ill and dying after contracting COVID-19.

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