CSRA infrastructure, economy come up during Senate hearing

WASHINGTON (WRDW / WAGT) – Georgia’s Senator Jon Ossoff raised CSRA job creation in a hearing for the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday.

He said Augusta, Evans and the rest of the CSRA could benefit economically from large investments in transit and transportation infrastructure.

The Democrat cited a 17 percent increase in employment in Evans between 2015 and 2020 and stressed the importance of supporting infrastructure investments to support community growth.

“Much of the economic development and job growth we see in Georgia is happening in smaller communities outside of the state Capitol,” he said in the hearing. “Evans, Georgia is the perfect example of a city like this. Evans is just outside Augusta, where we have Fort Gordon, which is home to the US Army Cyber ​​Center for Excellence. From 2015 to 2020 Evans saw the number of employees grow by 17%. Growing cities and towns need to invest in infrastructure to build more roads, connect people with accessible modes of transport and attract more jobs. “

He asked Cyndy Andrus, Mayoress or Bozeman, Mont., How a community like Evans could benefit from their experience of “historic infrastructure investments”.

The Mayor said, “Well, I think we have a capital improvement plan that we’re going to look at for five years and see where to make these investments and what things will really help us open up the development and open up areas for new construction in Montana. And I believe that some of those investments that some of the programs I mentioned are offered by the federal government through the CDBG and the HOME program. If you want to make it a little more flexible, we are not an authorization community, I’m sure the community you mentioned may not be either. So we have to compete for funding for some of our smaller Montana communities. And if we could have a little more flexibility and a little more resources in this program, I think that would help a lot in supporting the infrastructure decisions we are making. “

Rep. Rick Allen holds telephone town hall

WASHINGTON – Rep. Rick W. Allen, R-Augusta, held a city hall telephone meeting Tuesday evening to answer questions from residents of Georgia 12th Ward.

Among the discussions:

  • Mark from Evans asked about national debt and the economy. Allen said, “The Democratic Household Leader stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and said he was tired of us talking about the debts we put on our children’s children. These are the kind of people we are up here with. … The great thing about this country that I learned is when we created the best economy in the world – the best it was in my life – when we got rid of the regulatory problems … and then we did the tax reform, our revenues were increasing dramatically. We got people back to work … We can hold the line until we get people in here who understand how to live at home, we have to do the same in this government. “
  • Christina from Evans asked about the defense of the second amendment. Allen said the Democrats “passed a number of bills in the House of Representatives, but they never got through the Senate because of the filibuster rule. As I said, Joe Manchin is sticking to it right now and I definitely hope he continues. Let me tell you that the biggest gun problem we have in this country is the cities that have the strictest gun laws in this country. That should tell you something. In other words, in these cities, getting a gun illegally is easier than getting it legally. So that would mean that it’s only in the hands of people who want to cause harm. “
  • William from Grovetown asked about improving broadband access in rural areas. Allen said, “We have been working on it and it’s a big problem in this country. It could be a huge economic engine for rural areas and people who want to live outside the cities. As I said before, with COVID you have home lessons and a lot of people are now working from home too, so it is important that we get this broadband through and thank you for bringing that up. “
  • Karen from Swainsboro asked about electoral integrity and representation of the House of Representatives 1. Allen said: “The Constitution says that according to the law we must be represented equally. In other words, I am voting legally in my district, and if someone is voting illegally in my district, my vote will be canceled. That’s unequal representation under the law, and in fact, I knew there was going to be a problem because when the Democrats took over, their main legislative agenda was HR 1, which abolishes all voter identification laws and allows balloting … which is illegal in Georgia. “

Also in the news …

  • Georgia would receive more than $ 18 million in emergency housing vouchers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide safe housing for approximately 1,300 families and individuals with unsafe homes. The Augusta City Housing Authority will receive 61 of these vouchers valued at $ 724,572, according to federal officials. According to a press release from the office of Senator Raphael Warnock, D-Ga, this funding will provide safe housing for Georgians across the state at risk of or affected by homelessness and those who live in unsafe or abusive living environments. The funding is a provision of the US COVID-19 Relief Act.
  • Senator Jon Ossoff’s staff said he had secured a pledge from a key Biden government official to fix Georgia’s broken unemployment insurance system as thousands of Georgians who lost their jobs during the pandemic experienced months of delays in the Processing of their requests for emergency aid reported by the Georgian Ministry of Labor. Some of the delays are attributed to old technology. The acceptance came from Robin Carnahan, nominee for General Services Administration Administrator, during a hearing for the Senate Homeland Security and Government Committee.
  • After a spate of crippling cyberattacks this year by hackers from Russia and around the world, Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Lindsey Graham will hold a press conference Thursday at 11:30 a.m. to announce the reintroduction of their International Cybercrime Prevention Act in the Senate.

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