Creator Economy Startup Koji Launches New Link in Bio App: Media Wall

“Media Wall is a brand new way for creators to curate content for their audience,” said Koji CEO Dmitry Shapiro. “With Media Wall, we’ve given Creators new tools that they can use to put together and share everything from their new music finds to restaurant recommendations, daily outfits, galleries with fan posts and much more. This is a really versatile and infinitely useful app, and we can’t wait to see YouTubers use it. “

After adding the Media Wall app to your Which link In Bio, a creator can start creating posts. Just post any link and it will be rendered within the timeline for followers to see. Some of the ways Koji Creators are already using Media Wall include creating lists of top friends, social media accounts, or channels to follow; curating social posts from top supporters; Ranking and evaluation of favorite products; Showcase a wall of affiliate links and discount codes from a branded partner; Creating mood boards and more.

As new apps hit the market every day, Media Wall is just one of the hundreds of link in bio apps available on Koji. Free to use and supported by the power of the Koji App Store, Which link in Bios allow Creators and Influencers from the Passion Economy to personalize their link in Bios to match their unique styles by editing colors, text, layout, video backgrounds, links, buttons and highlighting.

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Koji is the world’s most powerful Link in Bio-Tool with hundreds of free add-ons to customize and monetize in their new their Appstore for creators. The company’s Link-In Bio-Profiles are used by a rapidly growing community of creators and innovators to engage audiences on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and other platforms.


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