Amherst BID director named to statewide economic assistance panel

Published: 06/20/2021 5:22:04 PM

AMHERST – A state-wide body that promotes job creation and retention will have the Amherst Business Improvement District chief executive as its new representative in western Massachusetts.

Gabrielle Gould, who also serves as the executive director of the Downtown Amherst Foundation, which has offered grants to assist businesses during the pandemic, was appointed to the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council by Governor Charlie Baker this week.

Amherst’s Gould said in a statement it was an honor to represent the region and to go beyond working to boost downtown Amherst’s economy.

“I look forward to serving the governor, state, and my community on this committee,” said Gould.

Barry Roberts, President of the Amherst BID Directors, describes Gould as an asset to Amherst.

“She has been tireless in her commitment to the whole of Amherst, thinking outside the box, challenging norms, while listening to the business needs of very different companies and then addressing them directly,” said Roberts.

The state-wide council administers the economic development program and certifies projects for it, examines applications from cities and municipalities for designation as economic target and economic opportunity areas and certifies and approves certain tax increase financing or TIF agreements and special tax assessments.

This week the council approved eight EDIP projects and four vacant storefront projects that are expected to create 212 new jobs and keep 1,105 jobs across Massachusetts and attract $ 219 million in private investment.

One of those projects approved this week in Pioneer Valley is a $ 10.7 million investment in the Greenfield of 401 Liberty Street, LLC. The project includes a 750,000 square foot renovation and redevelopment site for the development of an acute care and clinical support center, a residential rebuilding program and a community crisis stabilization program.

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